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5 min to 3 hours? You're lucky unlearnt! Hide-san has been ignoring my emails for almost one month now... Let me explain my story.

A couple of weeks ago, I received a package, no problem; 2nd time I made business with Hide-san and all went smooth and easy (except 1st order which took a long long time to arrive but was not Hide-san's fault I guess).

I looked at the airway bill and I saw a shipping amount of 1,800 yen. It happened Hide-san asked for 3,200. So I sent him an email asking him why he charged me with an extra 1,400, in a very neutral tone.

Hello Hide-san,

I've just received the jacket, thanks. Nevertheless, I looked at the package and written shipping cost was 1800 yen; I paid 3200 yen (see below). Can you please explain to me the 1400 yen difference?

Kind regards


No answer since that email.

The thing is I had an other order pending, an item I won a couple of days prior sending the previous email. No answer.

To sum up, no news from Hide-san for almost one month, both concerning a shipping fee refund and a Yahoo Japan item I've won.

That's 6,400 yen in the wild, no explanations, no nothing.

Hide-san I hope you come here and give me some explanations please. Thank you

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I have already payed for the full price for the item I won off the auction.

It has been more than two weeks since the auction ended.

But he has been just telling me that the item has not yet arrived at the warehouse in Japan (To me, it doesn't make any sense that Japan to Japan shipping is taking longer than two weeks). So basically the item hasn't even been shipped to me.

Also, as I kind of rushed him with the matter, he kind of gave me an attitude saying that I'm bugging him "too much."

I personally think that what I'm asking for is completely reasonable (it's not "too much" at all). I have paid for the good and the service, and I want the good delivered to me through a proper service.

I sent him an e-mail yesterday, and he is just ignoring me again.

I just sent him another e-mail. So if I don't get a response again by tomorrow, I think I will just file a paypal claim.

This was the first time using this service for me. And so far, this is the worst service (in any types) that I have ever received.

My $400 just got blown away somewhere or something.

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been trying to reach them for 27 hours w/ no luck... wanted to order something but that sold after nobu told me it would take 3 days for a reply.. then it's gone. Trying again... and trying to bid but nothing??? I have over $400 credit there and now I'm thinking I just want it back and maybe try another proxy... any ideas?

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