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"Weeds" appreciation


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this series took the worst dump after season 3. i mean, i typically get tired of TV series around season 3 anyway. i guess there's only so much you can do with the subject matter of the first two seasons.

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it goes downhill half way through season 3

but i still watch it

nancy gets naked in season 5

im glad there is marijuana distribution in this season

you hit the nail on the head

the 4th season was so damned boring. Everything dragged along. I would imagine it would be a hard season to watch in real time, week by week. I got bored halfway through the season and could not bring myself to watch more so i just wikipedia'd the plot summary.

Hope the 5th season picks up

and btw, she got nude in s4 when she bangs esteban ;)

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no comments in 2 weeks? good thing im back.

zac morris smackin the botwin. holler

hahaha such a graphic scene,she's such a little skank..i love it.

pretty good episode though..that little drugged out short guy who said he did meth and was super high cracked me up.

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