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top 10 most influential people in fashion

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Not really people, but:


The other French Corp that used to be called Printemps....Redoute.

Nike (hey, with Converse in their hands, they control everything streetwear from hiphop to hipsters.)

The Prada Group (quickly losing ground)

Conde Nast (but really influenced by 1 and 2)

Celebrity publicists and stylists

Hmmm not really 10...

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Sleazie Ninja made the perfect list.

Although, I'd replace Stella with... André Léon Talley? or a Vogue Italia lady? or a photographer like Meisel maybe.

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People mention all these lists without really taking enough notice of the female domination of fashion, this board clearly does not state what the average fashion-buyer.

A try on a objective list based not on my personal style, but limited understanding of sales and actual influence.

1. Marc Jacobs

2. Bernard Arnault

3. Giorgio Armani

4. Miuccia Prada

5. Rolf Eriksen

6. Stella McCartney

7. Hedi Slimane

8. CEO of the Gucci Group, can't remember his name.

9. Karl Lagerfeld

10. Rest of the Antwerp Six in terms of avantgarde.


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