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The Evolution of Jeans: Pictures, Scones and Tea

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Wow probably the most beautiful pairs I have ever seen. How the F do you get such good fades on your upper legs. What do you do in them. You should teach me to use em like that ;-) *jealous*









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Yeah I heard that they were pretty bad quality. Yet I have to say that the denim after the first wash seems really sturdy still. As this is just an experiment I am curious too. And I have to say that I am patient and seem to keep all my dry pair fairly log without rips or tears (never goat crotch rip (knock on wood). I like this pair thought. Will surely keep you posted. 


Got some pics of your pair on how they evolved and how they ended up?

They still make these?  I had a pair like 4 years ago as my intro to raw denim.  Probably a bad idea on Diesel's part to make them, as I - and probably a lot of others - transitioned into higher end raw denim as a result of buying these and never bought another pair of Diesels again.  Hah.  In any case, I think they fade a little faster, but it seems like it's probably just a result of a weak dying process rather than some special treatment, as they claim.  Too bad the denim is pretty poor and rips way too quickly.  I haven't seen anyone go past maybe 7 or 8 months in a pair of these, so, for nostalgia's sake, I'd be curious to see what they look like a long time down the road.  Wear them hard!

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My Diesel Tepphar turbo denim at day 74, 7 days after the first wash. They seem to fade faster after the wash. They don't get much wear these days because of the hot weather and the fact that I am trying to break in my new A.P.C. Petite Standards

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maybe spring for a nice pair of jeans in the 4th stage lol jk  :D


Haha yeah. Next to break in is the Strike Gold 3105's


I will put up the rest of my collection down the track - these are just what I have on rotation atm.

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