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The Evolution of Jeans: Pictures, Scones and Tea

Guest bed

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got caught out in the Iron Heart thread yesterday but looks like he removed the post! I don't even understand why you would do it! Especially somewhere full of denim geeks that would obviously spot someone else's posted pics????
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Those look ridiculously good, especially for washses. How often did you wash em?

After the first 5-6 months with no wash, almost every month (or more often). The light colour sure shows dirt... These pictures were taken after a trip to China (Beijing and Shanghai). The jeans were washed just before the trip... upon return, the jeans were grey/brownish all over! I wash them whenever they look dirty now.

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I just copied and pasted this from the PBJ thread, but here are my beautiful xx-007s


Alright boys and girls, here's some more of that xx-007 slub.

Details:1 year. 1 initial soak. 0 washes.

Sizing: Size 29, ~tts. I've gained weight though so they got tight a bit.

Wear: Daily for first ~10 months. Slowed down since the pockets started to get holes.

Full Album (4MP photos): http://imgur.com/a/23CMH#0

Some select pics:








Full Album (4MP photos): http://imgur.com/a/23CMH#0

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