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The Evolution of Jeans: Pictures, Scones and Tea

Guest bed

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I thought the purple would effect the fade on purple faces? These look great for worn in blue jeans, but I was expecting something unique. or am I not seeing it in these pics?

judging from the faded pair on the pbj side, only the non-faded areas retain the purple colors, the rest faded pretty similar to 007 imo...

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Currently hot soaking my momotaro 0201, since July 2010. Here's how they look like before soak.

crotch rip on my left inner thigh. haven't fixed it yet.






turned them inside out, hot soaking in progress.



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Levi's 55 meet Harris Tweed.



Looking good for an artificial job though.

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Hey, rnr? Have you ever posted any worn-in jeans? Don't recall ever seeing any.

Really? You need only scan the first few pages of this thread to see them.

Or shall I post the scary WH660s contest jeans, which prove that only the CIA in collusion with the FBI would snub me for the victory.


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Ah, past glories. You coulda been a contender once.

Hahha. The CIA man in collusion with the FBI. Shit is treacherous. If they can take down the Panthers they sure as hell can take down me.

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