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The Evolution of Jeans: Pictures, Scones and Tea

Guest bed

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Figure I'd put these in here now I haven't washed these since february, don't plan on washing these untill they are really thrashed or when my kaminari soap comes in.

Black Knights been wearing them for about 8ish months lost track exactly. Never really noticed how different the look now until I looked at the old pictures

1st month wearing these



and now



Repped. These are fucking awesome. Regretted sleeping on these

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They get a bad rep due to the overwhelming fashion statement the brand tries to make, but the selvedge jeans are of good quality and good deals are easy to find. I would agree that there isn't much to write home about in terms of construction, but that also isn't the intent of their designers. (at least they have chain stitching!)

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i guess i agree, i think the best thing about them is the cuts and the ability to find deals. i got my pair of slim jims at barneys for 70 dollars. For 180 or so which is retail price you can get a far more superior pair of jeans but for sub 100 its prob some of the best denim you can pick up.

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Thanks guys. I agree, that jap repros offer nicer fabric, though I love the Dry Selvage of Nudie also and I have no quality issues. The cuts are what makes nudies appealing, as they are more modern than most jap brands. But right now I go more towards jap brands, but love nudies nevertheless, as they got my love for raw denim started.


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I didn't realise SuperDry made raw denim, even less selvedge...Whereabouts did you pick those up?

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