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The Evolution of Jeans: Pictures, Scones and Tea

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i thought i could show you my girlfriends acne raw. its the mac raw version.

worn for about 9 months before wash. remember its superslim and stretch.

unfortunally they are now really breaking a lot in beneath crotch. due to thigh wear.

dont get this new forum rules with no possible way linking images.

so here are the links



and my japan evisu is still going on strong.



working on my new and cheap edwin nashville. got them for 70Usd, brand new with tags. but they are a bit slim for me, so it takes some time getting used to.

this is at day 1 with my also brand new visvim bag.


damn, i need some more loose jeans for summer, theese edwin kills me :(

Those Acnes look great!! Seriously one of the best pairs of jeans i have seen!

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tokyo and okinawa, and maybe someplace else (possibly thailand). say hi to some friends, say hi to some family, you know the deal. hopefully, i'll get in touch with some superfuturians who are out there.

if you ever drop by singapore ever give me a buzz. you know i'll take you hunting down the best food in town.

(when, not where ;))

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I've been meaning to get a pair of CMF hommes. Did they get them in at BIG yet? When I talked to them last month they said they were backordered. Seems they are all the craze in Japan.

i can get you a pair... but i need 2 pairs of rrl vintage cut selvage denims with at least a 36" inseam as a trade one with a 30" waist, one with your waist size.

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ok here are my jeans that i washed in the stream





the water was really cold which is good cause i didnt lose too much indigo. but they were in the for roughly 8 hours

they ahd been worn for 6-8 months, im unsure when is tarted wearing them, i bought them july of last year, but i didnt wear them around and to school in the begining of the year for fear of being mistaken as some emo kid in tight pants. but once i won over peoples trust as a 100% keeper of real i felt comfortable wearing tight pants around people and am never mistaken for emo or whatever

that all took place around september or so

but i know its pretty stupid i should be able to wear whatever i want around whoever i want and i should be judged by the content of my character, but i was just a self conscious freshmen at the time, i really dont care anymore.

i was in bennington vermont at the time of the washing

right next to manchester which is full of really nice outlets, burberry, versace, gap, used to be a levis but now its closed, polo and some more

and near dorset which has a really nice theatre festival

there you go.

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CORBIN Do you have any pics of them from just before washing?

They look nice, I was going to wash my cures tomorrow but now I'm not sure if I should, I just don't think they're worn in enough. If I'm going to go 4 months without washing I'd hate to wash too early.

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here are the nudies

purchased may 3, 2005





4 washes i think, first at 6 months, second a month or so later, then about 2-3 months later came the second, another long peroid of time, 3rd wash and 4th wash came after an even longer peroid of time. i dont have any pre wash apc ns pics. i thought i did oh well neever mind.

they are RRDS. and have been with me for quiet sometime. i boughtg them a 30 and now they are maybe 31.5 or maybe even bigger.

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these are my g-star core slacks custom which i have worn for 8 months.. after 7 months i soaked them for 4 hours in hot water.. after that there was absolutly no fading at all :(

after one more month of wearing i got pissed because they didn't wanted to fade..so i rubbed them in with murrays hare pommade.. left them in the sun for one whole day. After this i used the 90 c funtion at the washing machine with wasingpowder.

I let them dry in the full sun with this as result:






i think they turned out rather good for chemical indigo

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