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yes or no? / this or that?


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^ yeah, they are vanishing elephant.

actually, i kinda like them more than the CoN's, and i just wanted other opinions. the bad quality of CoN's shoes are notorious, but how about the vanishing elephants? jackg, do you have more info on the quality of their shoes?


I am not entirely sure on the quality, they look reasonable and the soles are decent you would probably be looking at a resole a couple of months down the track but value for money is pretty good it think. I work at a shop that stocks them and i have never heard anyone complain about the quality, they are also a nice cut and color so i say go for them!

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time for my big W+H purchase this year

i'm either getting



ventile jacket/pants 'waterproof suit', both in khaki(the color of the pants on the right)



dintex chambray jacket

i have tons of jackets, no suits, and they are both around the same price. the 'suit' is really reaaallly cool since its waterproof and the pants are very inconspicuously cargo pants, but i never wear suits so i would have to inject my balls with silicone or something


Yes or no? Viberg Stallions in mocha. Had my eye on them since Ed posted em'.

yes to viberg

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