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yes or no? / this or that?


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yeah yeah, i've had two shades of greige button-downs that used to look great, they've fallen apart, spend your money elsewhere

to gbc and sawyer... shit was like, less than $20... hah

I'm just gonna return it, they had a nice back/white 3/4 sleeve sweater in my size that I'd rather get.

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I think some of that stuff looks alright when worn a bit looser with straps hanging and ish. i don't like the tightness in the fitpics

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So i'm putting this here because I didn't know where else to.

I normally don't like bondage clothing. Looks overwrought, costumey, etc. But for some reason I've really been digging more subtle versions - just a few straps or details.

Example: Playhound strap shirt from a while back

So with that in mind, I've been digging these shirts. I wouldn't get the white as it's 242 for a white shirt with a wrap, but the black is more affordable (the glamour shots tell you it's from Oak. But still, I'm digging).

How do you guys feel about them? or the style in general.

I like it here:


and here


But not so much on those shirts. I think it's the wrapping and crossing of the straps that makes it look x-men.

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schmoove, swear, or some shit it looks like

homi- don't buy those, man

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