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The good Lighter thread


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my old roomate owns a dry cleaners in a really wealthy area of brooklyn. a lot times people leave some crazy stuff in their pockets (he's found: wads of cash, a rolex, etc). one time he brought one of these home:


needless to say, i was quite jealous.

Winner. Nothing compares.

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i dunno about zippos. i've had about five in the past, and always had trouble lighting them consistently (on the first spark) regardless of whether i had just put in new fuel or a new wick. kinda embarassing when someone asks you for a light, and you're fiddling for 20 seconds. i'm wondering if anyone else has this problem with zippos. however, their simple design and durability makes up for it imo. that porsche lighter is pretty sexy though....

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i use a sailor jerry that came free with a pack of camels like two years ago. the strange thing is it's an excellent zippo-style lighter. the original flint lasted until a couple of months ago and it still strikes perfectly. been meaning to invest in a "real" zippo for a while now.

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colibri = pieces of shit that quit working after five or ten uses

best butane torch you can find...


five bucks or less at any CVS. refillable, reliable and since they're so cheap you don't have to worry about trashing one

do it up suckaz

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