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Top 10 Things to do well in Japan

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Ok list um here since so many people go to japan on here.

List your top 10 things to do when your there....

I use to have a life before i joined the music industry

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being a car geek, i'd say check out toyota megaweb. huge place with toyota racing heritage museum, n1 cars on display, showroom, private track for you to test drive ANY toyota... mmmmm... supra. bring an international drivers license to play.

"thrust, kill, destroy, stress"

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rent yourself a bike and cruise around kyoto, don't miss the monkey mountain.

run around tenoji district of osaka checking out the prostitutes with your girlfriend.

so many good shops in osaka that I wont tell you about.

have a hot pot at the spirited away house

have a drink at the lonely bar in shinjuku

play ping pong at the barpartment in nakamegro

buy junk at the apc surplus

spend days looking for the one store that carries

brown sound

drink more


oh umm, is the sex museum still open

and btw the aichi expo 05 was wack

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