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Charlie Delta

One for the Mods...

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I was wondering if you guys could close threads with questions that have been asked before/should go in a small question thread a bit quicker.

This to prevent people keeping the thread alive by replying.

I have the feeling that there are more of those threads popping up recently.

As these topics have been discussed before and could easily be found with a search, they only add to the clutter of threads if they are kept alive and thus make it harder to search for the topics that matter. Also if people do continue the thread and do add things that are valuable or haven't been said before this will result in knowledge being spread out over several topics.

This thread is a good example

and this one too. A link to the original thread has been posted in both of these, the OP should know where to go with his question and these could be closed inmho.

Also may I suggest closing any new topic being opened about either Dior or Apc straight away.


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thats pretty much what is usually done, repetitive topics are locked or deleted. many topics can of course go unnoticed, so reporting them is helpful.

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