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Top Ten shoe shops in Seoul!!!

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1)Sue Comma Bonnie (7 shops in Seoul) best one is behind the Gucci shop in Cheongdamdong



2) Kabuki on the shoe floor of doota (Can't rememer the number. It's on the corner)

3)Choi Jung In Near Dosan Park $$$$!



4) Hyaang in Samcheong Dong Biim Gallery 1st flr

5) Namuhana cheongdam same street as Sue Comma Bonnie $$$$!!

6) Heels- Cheongdam Same street again (it's turning into a shoe street...)$$$$!

7) Museum on the shoe floor of Doota 4th floor shop 100

8) Various other shoe places on the 4th floor of Doota

9) Shoes at the Galleria

10) shoes at the Lotte

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when you say itaewon's alleys, where exactly do you go? seems like there's alot of crap stuff there. I did find a cool pair once at the Itaewon Underground market though.

As for Hongdae, I Find that doota has the same shoes for less usually.

Any good shopping tips for idae? I don't think I've ever shopped there. Isn't that where they have really good seamstresses who make custom clothes?


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isnt it quite obvious that she's from seoulstyle?

carrie: 1), 2) and 3) were little more a joke. but indeed you may find some very good deals which wont last long.

idae is pretty interesting. you have all these boutiques looking like somewhere in japon (eg: supermarket).

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