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Good sites for discovering new music

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i am a huge fan of woxy.com

i grew up with the terrestrial station, and have stuck with them as they've died and been reborn a couple times

live streaming of all the new indie stuff the cool kids are talking about, and then some

they may die again soon, though, along with most other internet broadcasters

go to www.savenetradio.org to keep this from happening

i like the gorillavsbear and stereogum blogs, and the fader is out there every day making rap safe for the white kids

the links on those three will direct you to a www wonderland of music-related stuff

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It's funny because I've never really read Pitchfork just because I thought they seemed to be music snobs, but everyone here kinda says it. Although I did go to their music fest last summer in Chicago & it was great. Diplo live is great.

I really like Turntable Lab because they do a mix every couple weeks of their singles that they get in. There's some really eclectic shit on there, from regular dj stuff (hip hop, house, rave, techno...) to limited edition Wolf Mother and Amy Winehouse and just random people that they throw in. But there stuff can be more mainstream than maybe what you're looking for.

One of my friends really likes The Onion's AV Club for reviews. I've never really read them because I don't like reading reviews, but he likes them because of their consistency in reviews.

I think another way is to find something you like, then go to their MySpace page (they all have one now) and start browsing through their friends and you can find some more obscure people on there. I've found people on there that are really out there or don't have a distributor in the US which means I can't get it (at least without paying crazy prices).

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p.s. my last post should in no way be construed as me knowing what's up

for example, i still rely on the types of friends seeme mentioned

and have learned plenty from this thread

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hypemachine as definitely found me a lot of songs.

imeem too, when i'm too lazy to download.

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yes i am resurrecting a year old thread. because i think it is worth it

xpost from what are you listening at

i'm not sure if this has been posted or not, a quick search tells me no...

i listen to an online radio station called woxy.com. every memorial day they do a countdown of the top 500 songs of the modern rock era. this year they have archived it so you can actually listen to different sections of the countdown on demand. it is really great and they have excellent taste. it covers a wide range of music so you can get your new music fix and learn your roots as well. anyway, here is the link:


and this is what i am listening at right now...

as an example, here is a random sampling of the countdown:

79 Pixies Gigantic

80 Camper Van Beethoven Take The Skinheads Bowling

81 The Replacements The Ledge

82 The White Stripes Fell In Love With A Girl

83 Franz Ferdinand Take Me Out

84 Blondie Rapture

85 The Postal Service Such Great Heights

86 Siouxsie & The Banshees Cities In Dust

87 The Shins New Slang

88 Depeche Mode People Are People

89 Blondie Heart Of Glass

90 The Jam Town Called Malice

91 R.E.M. Pretty Persuasion

92 Buzzcocks Ever Fallen In Love?

93 David Bowie Suffragette City

94 Oasis Wonderwall

95 Interpol PDA

96 The Dead Milkmen Bitchin' Camaro

97 The Ramones Blitzkrieg Bop

98 Nine Inch Nails Head Like A Hole

99 Portishead Sour Times


and fyi here is a list of what they played over the last hour or so on the regular stream:

12:00 pm Kiss With A Fist - Florence + The Machine

12:03 pm Anecdote - Ambulance LTD

12:07 pm Fill Me With Your Light - Clem Snide

12:11 pm Hallie - Mobius Band

12:16 pm California Dreamer - Wolf Parade

12:22 pm Weed Party - Band Of Horses

12:25 pm Elvis (SXSW) - These New Puritans

12:28 pm Ring Road - Underworld

12:32 pm Your Glasshouse - Atmosphere

12:37 pm O, KY - Archer Prewitt

12:42 pm Inside A Boy - My Brightest Diamond

12:45 pm Forever - Walter Meego

12:51 pm No Pussy Blues - Grinderman

12:55 pm Give It A Chance - Butterfly Assassins

also, i can't believe this one isn't in here http://stereogum.com/

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I regularly search for '2008' on private music-centric torrent trackers and download stuff that has been leeched more than 50 times. It's relatively hit or miss and requires a little work but finding hidden gems is always nice.

It's also worthwhile to check out http://www.muxtape.com.

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what are you listening at actually works for me sometimes.

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Sordo's good for Alternative, noise, lo-fi, whatever hipsters are listening to.

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Metacritic and Allmusic for full albums.

Hype Machine for singles...

For hype machine, type one of your favorite songs or a genre you like, click the blog link for whatever shows up, prowl that blog, and look for anyone affiliated or friends with the blog...repeat.

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www.pandora.com ....

is pretty cool. you type in who you want to hear and itll make a radio station just for that one artist but it will also throw in some different music as well to mix in some new stuff.

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and then steal via what.cd

They have a very nice music connection chart, where what you're listening to is linked to other similar/connected groups.

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