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Lindsay Lohan makes trashy look so good.


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i have no idea - but the smoking in the video was definitely meant to stand in for horse. cigarettes definitely don't make you look/act that way

man thats just sad then. i had a couple of friends got into that shit and it certainly don't make anybody act glamourous or sexy. more like delusional, petty, caniving, untrustworthy...

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Lindsay is like that goofy girl you went to middle school with, who you were in love with because she had the perfect babyface, wore tom boy clothes, and had an unbelievable sleeper rack. You thought it was your secret that you knew how hot she was and no one else seemed to notice.

Maybe you let her copy your math homework, maybe you were partners in home-ec once, maybe you wanted to ask her to a school dance but never did, maybe you never even had a conversation with her. But, deep down you knew that once she figured out how fine she was—or if other people did—she’d never be the same. You kept hoping it wasn’t going to happen, even when she started hanging out with the popular slutty girls you hoped it was just a phase. But, really, you saw it coming anyway, you knew it could never last.

She’s gone boys,


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