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My Top 10 Ways in fitness~~

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I follow most of them except list #2 ad #7

and you?? what is your 10 step to keep you looks good?

Not following #7 kind of defeats doing everything else haha. There's so much refined sugar that two cans of soda is more than enough of your carbohydrate intake for an entire day. Not to mention when you take in that much sugar it halts your metabolism almost entirely and starts storing instead of burning.

I used to be a really big health nut but recently calmed it down.

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I have always wanted to keep a food journal, track calories and all but i get so frustrated when i eat out or something, or i don't know the cal. content in something that it just inevitably leads to me only using the thing for like a week and then i forget all about it.

so i just do more and more cardio every morning keeps me in shape.

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