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  • hello !

    supertalk is free to browse as a guest. You need to be a member to participate in discussions or buy and sell on the classifieds.

    From 2021 new membership is $US 6 / year.

    You can also become a premium superseller or supermember. Businesses who want to promote their brand and products need to become a supersponsor. superfuture is privately owned and has been online continuously for 22 years. It is a digital cockroach and will survive all current and future apocalypses.  

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    • By hotboyx2
      Do you have any tips for shopping? clubbing? eating?
      Please let me knowwwwwww
    • By Standard Dark
      I would like to contact art suppliers, got a low budget and would appreciate to buy even from students (if fits my taste). I like avant garde, avant pop, futurist, hyperrealist, asian,and minimalist paintings. Any cool ideas?
    • By mike lowrey
      edit: please note that the info here is from several years ago and might not be accurate.
      thought I'd share a few things..
      department stores in paris are quite boring, I was done with lafayette and printemps in 15 minutes. printemps had martin margiela, dries van noten, dior and others. lafayette had those plus comme des garcons... but a rather bland selection of everything. le bon marche was my favorite department store, but the menswear sections sucks compared to womens.
      colette is overrated, its basically a display cabinet for tourists, I don't know of anyone every buying anything there, unless it was a souvenier or a magazine.
      maria luisa is a nice small store, they have 3 locations with one being mens. they have ann demeulemeester, veronique branquinho, undercoverism, margiela, alexander mcqueen, some rick owens etc. somewhat limited selection of clothing and shoes but worth checking out I think if you like the style. edit: mens store is closed
      l'eclaireur was very interesting, they have several stores in paris. the one on rue herold is the original one. hard to find at first, its behind a unmarked door on the small street. once you get buzzed in you'll see a dark halway and amazing looking studio style space. they carry carol christian poell, carpe diem, undercoverism, faliero sarti, paul harnden, guidi etc. The location on rue Malher also has a great selection that mostly resembles the one on rue Herold. Ann demeulemeester, Rick Owens, Lanvin, Paul Harnden, Givenchy etc... the store on champs elysees is shit and at least a few years ago the staff was beyond annoying, haven't stepped there since then. selection is more mainstream. the rest sell womens only.
      rick owens store - always new stuff as well as sales, but only a small part of each collection. worth visiting.
      Shimji - CLOSED
      Void - new small independent store in Marais, haven't been but supposedly nice.
      oh and palais de tokyo was a pretty cool place. the bookstore there was great. we also grabbed some food at the restaurant which was surprisingly good. definately worth going to, its a great place to spend the evening since its open so late (midnight, I think).
      eat at Le 404 (moroccan, they speak english so reserve a table) and drink in the ajoined bar, Andy Wahloo. cool atmosphere, the courtyard is nice and cozy.
      Pinxo is a nice small asian/fusion restaurant, eat at the counter to see your food being prepared.
      Le Petit Marche - in Marais, nice cozy place.
      Clou - small, minimal and trendy spot in Marais, not cheap but good food.
      Artus is a nice hotel in saint-germain, but renting an apartment is usually more convenient and cheaper.
      Apartments - check out vrbo, feelparis etc, there are plenty of agencies for rentals, short or long.
    • By herpsky
      Supreme harajuku: the stuff from new season looks crappy; i cant justify paying nearly 60 bucks for a tee. the interior looks pretty dope.
      neighborhood: a lot better than i expected. though they didnt have any of the crazy denim, they did have some level 2 savage denim. i tried on a pair and they looked great. 30000 yen. staff was really nice cause i didnt look like a reseller.
      FIL: no music; hot chicks working there; everything is super expensive so the shoes seem like they are reasonably priced; the SA dude carries the shoes to the entrance as i walk out and vows.
      cplus headwear: located in the basement of some old ass building. the shops in the bldg are like restaurants and cafes. very small store but the staff was really nice.
      headporter: just a complete mad house. so many people crammed into the store.
      what my friend and i learned = the size of a bag isnt proportional to its size
      a small fanny pack may cost 15000 yen but a messenger bag is 35000 yen
      lad musician: cool but it aint my steez
      atmos: the northface collabos look great but atmos x porter items are just insanely expensive. e.g. a small pouch = 10000 yen
      more to come
    • By seven.homme
      anyone here on svpply?
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