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Most exotic weed strains according to Forbes.com

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as i said, i in no way would call what i shat out of my mind in that moment at work a full list, or even a good one. just a taste.

The gray area is a good spot. I like it a lot, but never find myself there. They got some good weed, and def have a cooler vibe than all these fake ass rasta spots run by people that dont know weed, culture, or shit.

Katsu is a good spot as well, and Blue Bird has its share of people and choices... just avoid spots that look like they are stuck in a cheech and chong movie.

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After spending a semester in A-dam, I found some nice spots...obviously it's impossible to hit all of them, but I was pretty unimpressed every time I branched out. Most of the places are just there to cater to tourists, sell weed to nonsmokers and make hella profit because tourists don't know shit....but there are also places that really know their stuff and compete in the cannibus cup and have people who work on cultivating their shit etc etc.

I'll echo all of the ones that Astrowolf pointed out, although I'm not such a fan of the more crowded ones (Dampkring and Greenhouse) to sit and smoke (although Dampkring has a huuge menu).

Barney's is expensive, but I was continually impressed with their quality and variety. They also have vaporizer which is fun. Laughing Buddha is absolutely hands-down my favorite, followed closely by G-13 haze which they introduced this year.

Rokerij is a really nice place to chill...although the weed didn't impress me as much. Good, but not really amazing.

Amnesia has really good space cakes and is run by the same people as Barney's, although it seems to get the 2nds or something from Barney's farm. Very good though.

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