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da beach


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Which beach would you go to? I'm actually contemplating going to Seaside as we speak because there's a whitecastle on the way from where I live.

god no! dont go to seaside LBI is a whole bunch nicer, even manasquan or something. Seaside is so trashy nowadays. ( but the boardwalk is legendary):)

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went to seaside for july 4th in middle school, stayed at the worst motel ever, 4 kids in a small as room that stunk like shit, 2 on one full sz bed, 2 on some nasty ass mattress w/o sheets the motel pulled out of storage. other lodgers were blasting Poison all night long - 'unskinny bop bop bop!'. Lost all my money playing the ciggarette game - that shit probably doesn't exist anymore. Great dirty Jerz experience.

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i saw a dude get stabbed in the neck at seaside.

i saw a dude in the psych. hospital stab himeself with a ballpoint pen in the neck...not in jersey though.

i had some family that had a shore house in seaside park....good times, but the water is too cold up there to actually enjoy...they were telling me shits warm when its like 71 degrees in august..i dont swim if it isnt above 84.

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