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Mihara Yasuhiro Puma MY-25


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A close friend of mine is searching high and low for these particular shoes:


Mihara Yasuhira Puma MY-25 from the S/S07 line

I went with him to the Puma store in Georgetown, and they did not have them in stock yet. They phoned the NYC store, and he gave him a phone number for them to call when, and if, they ever arrive.

Now, I was wondering if any of my resourceful sufu brethren have stumbled across these at retail spaces/websites/wherever... or if they know of release date, and better yet, if any stockists will be carrying them.

Again, he's dying to get his hands on these and it would really mean a lot if anybody can help us out on our search. thanks :o

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hey, i dunno if you still need this info, but you can pick these up at the EU Puma store here: http://www2.eshop.puma.com/ as polishmike mentioned on the other MY-25 thread @ HERE and if you're interested, they have some other colorways as well:



and this horror (film) inspired high top by Mihara called MY-22 Mid


[hope it's not a problem that i linkied to the images from the Puma site, I guess because of bandwidth issues, but I don't think this thread will get too many views]

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