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yoropiko denim?????

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you think my denim colleciton is fake... hows this: i;m selling all this shit that I no lonegr wear. These are more jeans than you all could ever hope to afford, so fuck you all.


Dude, if you come on this forum trying to floss too hard, you're gonna get blasted. And then you call out your age (16) which makes it even worse. And when you get flamed for showing all your wack ass denim, you react like a 5 year old. I got 4 words for you…

Chill the fuck out.

You're taking this shit too seriously.

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i'll come out here. i don't like the shit this guy makes, but...

he makes shit that we'll remember. this is the kind of shit people will look back on and say "damn wtf were we thinking back then." yea the shit is gaudy. fuck if i'd ever wear it. but i'd love to see someone wearing the shit. enjoy life don't hate.

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