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What are you wearing today? (pics only)


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In my first week of work here, I did like all good new-hires do, and overdressed like whoa: shirt, tie, slacks... and I've never stopped getting shit about it from my colleagues.

So in celebration of my 1 year anniversary, I decided to bust out a tie again (but the slacks stayed at home!)


American Optical

Kenneth Cole tie

Banana Republic shirt (I love this shirt - so well-fitting, comfortable and light... can't really tell but it's actually a very nice pale yellow with slight textured striping)


Tellason Strummer


(annoys me a bit that my tie is off-centered and a bit too short, but I'll let it go this time...)

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Inverallen Knit Tuque (sup Laaaaars)

45rpm Cotton/Linen Indigo 5 button jacket

45rpm Indigo half-button smock

Real McCoy Handkerchief

Tanner Goods Ring Belt

RRL cargo pants

Merrell Wilderness Boots

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