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What happened to Wash House by Kanye?

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wash house was supposed to be rocawear's premium denim line

if you remember, there were some pairs of rocawear jeans in bloomingdale's for about $150, i think they had a red label on them...that was supposed to be the wash house jean, it was put on the floor as rocawear w/no wash house branding but w/intent of it being wash house, kind of more of a subliminal launch on their part

then the whole washhouse line kind of just never came to fruition

i dont think they sold well on the floor b/c their market isn't into buying $150 jeans w/the rocawear brand on it

kanye's line was originally called pastel, then he changed it to mascott, w/a shoe line going to be called mascott trainers...all backed by rocawear and pro keds, the mascott line even had a banner @ magic

now, i heard kanye was possibly changing the name of the line again

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