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putting a face to a name.


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^^ Ur pic was a little too small. I enlarged it for you.


Lets see okay you have skin. That's good. Good start there. Looks like you have black hair. Sure. Potentially Azn? Hmmm lets see....what else what else. Based on your location you definitely live in Wisconsin. And if there is anywhere in Wisconsin worth living it would probably be Madison. Therefore, you live in Madison, Wisconsin. Okay so far so good. What else is there? We must go deeper. Okay the white pixels imply that you are fond of Claude Debussy, Benny Goodman, and Glenn Millar. As well as Ayn Rand novels and the occasional Hemingway. If that's the case, then you must obviously like James Bond and watch reruns of the Apprentice in your free time. Other things you must do in you free time would include "Being Gucci" and "Copping Jawnz." Based on all the above assumptions I have reached the conclusion that your name must be Jed Sachen. +rep me if I'm right in order to keep your identity safe with me. ;)

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