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waywt? saved my life

sycamore no more

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you put a lot of effort into your fit (good as far as a can tell) but virtually none in documenting it, which is a shame

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Hailxenu, i've always thought fleece blazers are a bad idea, but that one looks good on you. Sick shoes. Alden lows? Can't rep.

me too! the concept alone is weird to me. the fleece is pretty dense and smooth though. and not too thick either. also it is pretty structured underneath with oxford and chambray type of fabric to retain a certain amount of shape. i was skeptical until i tried this w+h piece on.

the shoes are these gucci boots i've been had. they look alden indy in shape but with a crepe type sole with non gaudy gucci details and nice chrome hardware.

some else asked for details:



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Man...I just wanted a break from slim jeans. Dressing room fit, but I purchased them. No soundbombero,milspexo,or whoever....


preme,n(n),preme,evisu,nike... Much <3 sufu peeps.

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