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What Will You Look Like this Spring?


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For the cold days :

A green & light parka or my navy duffel coat

Some pocket tee (navy,grey,white...)

I keep my light plaid shirt et my oxfords'

Raw denim & chino (green,navy & kakhis)

Desert boots or chukka in navy colour /Boat shoes

For the warm day :

V-neck tshirt ,seersucker shirt & other stripes shirts...

Bermuda & light denim short .

A lot of vans and espadrilles.

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I'm going to keep it really monochrome with plain white & black v neck tee's, jap denim with white or black chukkas and a variety of desert boots....may stretch to a fitted blazer or even a blazer/hoodie combo if needed and I'l just add licks of colour with hats, belts, etc

oh yh cant forget that good old british 'if I can see the sun it must be hot outside' mentality I'll be wearing that as well lol!

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Shirts: hanes whites, jcrew pocket tees, baggy linen/cotton bds, white perlis polos

pants/shorts: cotton/linen/seersucker cuffed shorts, stf(only in early spring), trunks

footwear: red sole sperrys, white vans authentic, white sk8hi, clarks dbs

Once it gets real hot it will be:

tee/polo/bd/unbuttoned baseball jersey(americana at it's finest)

shorts or beach birdies

authentics or sperrys san socks




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vans authentics, zig zags no socks, cut off chino shorts, button down shirts, moscot sunglasses or rayban wayfarers (haven't decided yet.

I will probably wear that every day and just rotate through 10 shirts and wear a pair of light weight gray skinny jeans and white chucks at night.

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Definitely Tenderloin'd




T-ZORG'd out!

The Tenderloins Work Jacket with "Tenderloins" across the back

The Tenderloins ss Work Shirt

The Tenderloins T-Shirt

The Tenderloins T-Riders BC Selvedge Denim (like lee riders)

The Tenderloins T-Riders W denim (lee cowboy style)

Hopefully soon to be acquired The Tenderloins TEE selvedge denim

Tenderloin Work Pants

WTAPS 02 Chukka boot

Ralph Lauren Zip-up Combat boot

Need to get: Supreme Or J Press Bucket/Fishing Cap; New York Hat Co. Bowler/derby hat; HTC Studded Belt Preferably TENDERLOIN (when I find extra cash for an expensive belt); Wacko Maria Tokyo Hat Rockers fedora (if I ever feel like spending 300+ for a fing hat)

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I got a bunch of pastel color lacoste polos during the after christmas sales, I'll be enjoying those along with lightweight rain jackets and adidas originals track tops. As for shoes...a rotation of various adidas originals and new puma suedes I recently purchased. Also looking to get a pair of white supergas.

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