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Hand my first experience with Girl Scout cookies today. I bought a box and my first thought was "these are some of the shittiest cookies I've ever had." Then I googled it and found out I bought a wack flavor and apparently only like 3 out of all the varieties are considered good. $3.50 for a pretty tiny box man the girl scout organization is on that hustle.

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ok i checked out a couple of japanese cookbooks from foreign libraries and i need help translating. i have no knowledge whatsoever. if someone could post some translations for common ingredients and food words, that would be most appreciated.

there are like step by step instructions with pretty pictures, so i mean its not that big of a deal, but i wanna know the basic ingredient stuff

by the way, its this book


Well, let's start with the title. It translates to


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I need to find something reckless to do.

Went to the newish gaming bar, Mana Bar, in the valley last night. Had a cocktail that was called The Ocarina of Lime. Totally made my night.

Australian Gamer used to be my favourite forum ever (same guys who made Mana Bar). Never thought I'd see that on sufu.

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Want the reality of it?

The kids in the photo, are all already dead.

Chances are that lady in the photo is dead or dying.

There's another child in the photo, that is completely ignored and has no health bar above them. How fucked up is that? A dying child, completely ignored.

Cruel and heartless to have a sense of humor?

I hope you don't say fag, gay, bitch, whore, slut, Jew, nigga, (in a joking manner none the less,) in real life... Because a martyr like you needs to have an internet statue, for how cute you are in real life.

Martyr me.

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The most fucked up thing about this is that you, a grown man with a child daughter, finds children dying of God-knows-what funny.

Like I said previously: you're a cruel, heartless man.

You're the girl who walks up to people eating steak and lectures them on how it came to the table or when someone tells a racist joke gets pissy or when someone smokes a cigarette tells them about fucking lung cancer.

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You saying bitch to a girl is the same connotation as a man beating a woman, and calling her "bitch."

I like your neg rep for me.

"Have some fucking empathy."

What have you seen in your days?

Have you seen a 6-7 year old kid get beat by his drunken dad, in public?

Have you seen a 14 year old prostitute?

Have you heard your neighbor slap his wife, because he was high?

Have you seen a family member go to jail?

Have you seen 40 year old business men defile 18 year old girls, in public?

Have you seen someone get hit by a train?

Have you been hit by a car?

How many times have you been close to dying?

Have you ever had a gun pointed towards you? Let alone with your 3 month old daughter in your arms?

Thought so.

Another whiny internet teen trying to make the world a better place, one neg rep at a time.

Your teen angst is 90's sitcom bullshit. No, not Boy Meets World, not Full House, not Step By Step. That one show that had that one dude who cried about that one thing that effected that one guy who was with that one girl who was upset by that one girl who slept with that one guy who was brothers with that one dude.

BTW, it's dead children, not dying. They're at peace now.

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A liberal plank lecturing people on what they should find funny is fucking hilarious though.

this sums up anything I was going to say. Go back to complaining about how the popular girls won't fuck you haploid. You know, the ones that you're totally above anyways.

I didn't find stunt's picture funny, but it didn't bother me a whole lot either. He seems like he'd be pretty chill to hang with in real life anyways. You don't.

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