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Starting an online proxy from Japan

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This service is on haitus at the moment. I will be out of Japan until March 23rd, and am not sure if I will be able to provide the service after April when I start full time work. I might still do it on a limited basis(those whom I worked with before/orders above certain amount....etc) so shoot me an email if you might be interested on this.


Fee Lowered!



I'm going to stop taking online orders on Feb 21st as I will be leaving Japan for roughly a month from Feb 27th. I can do store pick ups until 25th.

I'm not 100% decided on what to do with this after I get back as I will be starting full time job from April. I have the lowest fee at 12% at this moment, so let me know if you want something from here!


I will take orders on practically anything: clothes, magazine, CD/DVD, video games, toys...etc. Although I'm limiting to online/phone sales for the most part, I could do a better search for stores that are outside of rakuten and such as I'm a genuine Japanese = may turn up some rare/cheap finds. I can also do yahoo auctions, I will also do on foot pick ups for orders over 30000yen retail.

How the service works

Send me a message at [email protected] with the title including the name and size of your item. DO NOT POST OR USE PM!!!!!!!!!!!. Please email me your orders with as much information as possible if you can, such as what shops sell the product, where it can be bought online etc. I will also need to know where the items should be sent to correctly give quotes on shipping. Once I track down the item I will get back to you with a quote, and place the order once the payment has been received.

Places where I buy from

- rakuten, yahoo auctions, zozo

- local boutiques(includes 45RPM)/books/electronics store

- websites of brands and boutiques


I can only take paypal at this moment. I can accept credit card payments as well! Fees are as follows

Paypal: 12%fee (8% for me, 4% for paypal)

(item cost + domestic shipping) X 1.12 + international shipping

The fees include my comission and that incurred for me to recieve the payment. Most orders from rakuten have free domestic shipping, and I don't charge bank transfer fees. I use EMS for outbound shipping which includes insurance and tracking. PLEASE SEND PAYMENTS IN YEN.


1. I will need to recieve the payment prior to ordering. For yahoo auctions I will ask you to send me the bid amount to me before placing the bid. I will send a refund if necesarry amd paypal will also send back their fees, so you will get a full refund.

2. I will not be resposible for any items that are lost while in transit.

3. Check the exchange rates at www.xe.com, but keep in mind that paypal takes 2.5% spread so the actual rate will be a bit lower.

4. Generally I can't accept returns once the item gets to you, as by the time it gets back to me it would be well over the return deadline for most stores. If you are unsure of the sizing, ask me prior to your orders or remind me to do some measurements once I recieve the item.

5. I usually check my emails during midnight here in Japan. So if you have auctions that are ending soon, let me know a day ahead and there is more of a chance we can work that out.




1. Some auctions are from registered boutiques on yahoo, and these will be elegible for 5% sales tax. There will be a little yellow box on the left side of the auction for those that are sold by these stores.

Regular auctionsauction1lm3.th.jpg Auctions subject to tax auction2hf4.th.jpg

2. For orders from zozo, if you can copy the name of the item it will be better as they seem to have links every now and then. I wouldn’t want to get the wrong item to you.


Links to Brands


Dior Homme






-Pick ups at official stores, Barneys/Isetan..etc

Martin Margiela




-Pick ups at official stores, Barneys/Isetan..etc

Carpe Diem/ma+/Guidi/Carol Christian Poell









-Pick ups at Barneys/Isetan…etc

Ann Demeulemeester




-Pick ups at official store in Tokyo, Barneys/Isetan…etc

Rick Owens






Raf Simons





-Pick ups at official store in Tokyo, Barneys/Isetan…etc

Helmut Lang(there are still many that was designed by HL himself available here)


Japanese Designers

Number (N)ine


-Pick ups at official store in Tokyo, Barneys/Isetan…etc



-Pick ups at official store in Tokyo, Barneys/Isetan…etc



- http://www.matou.jp/SHOP/123323/125729/list.html





The Viridi-Anne



- http://otc-web.com/b_villidianne.html



-Pick ups at official stores/Isetan..etc

Lad Musician






-Pick ups at official stores. Anything that has been out for a month or more is very likely to be sold out though.




Hysteric Glamour



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a list of rakuten shops that stocks denim brands some SF'ers may like. these shops tend to have several brands brought up here, i have mainly grouped them together to brands that they have fairly good stocks of(10 or more pairs per brand). i also have a list of non-rakuten stores as well.















studio d'artisan






skull jeans


















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keep the orders coming. i will be getting new funds put into this next monday to cover more orders. for those of you that already made a purchase, your items have been recived or will be getting to me during next week. will let you know when they are shipped and on the way to ya.

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wait, i dont get it isnt 2000db cheaper than this guy since its 10% but parachute charging 15%...? Is there something im missing or is 2000db jus plain cheaper..?

i believe 2000db doesnt include paypal fees in the 10% he asks for. of the 15% comission i ask, 5% goes to fees for paypal usage and currency exchange, 10% goes to my pocket. i put it together since its so much easier to do calculations that way. i dont think we are far part from each other in terms of price.

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I calculated the price of a theoretical purchase and the prices turn out to be identical (without the inclusion of 2000db's PayPal fees). BTW, parachutes, you don't have a minimun order price, correct?

Actually, the prices will vary depending on how much you spend, since 2000db takes 10% of purchase+domestic shipping+international, whereas parachute takes 15% of purchase+domestic then adds international

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  • Luisa via Roma (US)
    Brand - 125 x 125