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Japan Blue Momotaro


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Looking for any knowledge anyone can give. I've been eyeing the Momotaro vintage 0901 for some time. Almost every size chart I've seen lists a one wash size with a waist measured pretty much true to tag size. Ok. So I thought a 34 OW would be good. Then I end up getting the measurements from a retailer for sizes 34 and 36. Here they are:


size 36 OW

waist flat: 87 cm (34.2")
front rise: 29 cm (11.4")
upper thigh width: 34 cm (13.4")
hem: 24 cm (9.4")


size 34 OW

Waist 81 cm (31.8")

Front rise 28 (11")
Back rise 38 (14.9")
Thigh 33.5 cm (13.1")


Size 34 is a nice looking cut but the waist is impossible; size 36 is very nice, even though the hem is a little wider than I'd like, but whatever). I know these are a tight weave and difficult to stretch.


So here's my question: since when did Momotaro vintage denim shrink down 2" inches below tag size? Have they changed the cut? Every size chart lists a 34 OW as having a 34" waist and the a 36 OW as having a 36" waist. What gives?

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Which retailer gave you those measurements? I have a pair of 32 0901s that have had a soak and a 40C wash and the waist after a few wears is now 33", probably stretched from 32" (I think it could stretch further if required). Front rise 11.5", back rise 15.5", thigh 13".

I also recently sold another raw pair of 0901s in a 32. Measurements (BiG style)

Waist: 33.75"

FR: 11.5"

BR: 15.5"

Thigh: 13.25"

Hem: 9"

Inseam: 39"

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Thanks Maynard. Measurements are actual hand measurements (flat) from Denimio. Even their size charts are not consistent with their hand measurements (although all momo size charts seem pretty generic). Your size 32 in a raw state (with a little extra for thigh and waist) are what I was looking for after shrinking, hence the 34 OW seemed my best bet. But Denimio's measurements threw me off. I had to double check with them since I thought they were giving me measurements for a 34 which was in fact a 32. I think the best thing is just to get a 34 raw or one wash and disregard the measurements.  

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I just got an email this morning from Denimio about a 10th anniversary jeans from Momotaro. The details in my opinion look great. It seems like they are taking pre-orders until the end of March but the jeans don't come out until the end of August into September.


Has anyone else heard about this?

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If I am looking for some jbo or momos that are similar fit as pbj 012s which models am I looking at? I know they probably won't be as slim as PBJs but that's what I want. Should I be looking for tight straight,slim tapered, or natural tapered? I.e the JBO0701s, 0705SPs, or even the BOM00X.


I am a slim guy so PBJs fit me the best but I want a tad bit more room in my thighs and legs. Also, hate how much the waist stretches on the PBJs!


My current PBJ 012 measurements:

Waist: 15.75

Thigh: 9.85

Knee: 7

Leg Opening: 6.85

Inseam: 33

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Type: ER-007-2B

Worn for: 3 years, probably 14-15 months of effective wear

Washes: 6-7, first one around 5 months


Spring update.


Just made a 2nd crotch repair. More and more of the weft can be seen at point of friction. One of my favourite cuts.












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What do people think of the Japan Blue Okayama Denim collab?


I think the high taper 18oz denim with the cobalt blue weft looks awesome.  I have a pair on order.  My guess is these will look similar to the PBJ X017 but in a heavier denim and a more tapered cut.  This will be my third pair of Japan Blue denim.  So far I have not been disappointed.  I personally think they make some of the best sub $200 denim.  I've ordered several things from Okayama Denim without any big issues.  You can't beat the price with their new indigo point system discount.

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anyone here knows about momotaro 1703 up, is it real or fake?




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I have never seen 1703UP like those before. The one I know of has white battle stripes. The silk screen on the left back pocket is maybe sent into Momotaro factory to be done.


I don't know if you can custom change the battle stripes though.

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Those look pretty fake. The construction on them look nothing like momotaro. Look at the inner inseam seam, it's brutal. The selvedge also doesn't look like the proper momotaro selvedge.

I'd stay away tbh, plus they're pretty damn ugly

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^are these sanforized? I think they look good and will fit better then. Unless they're raw and shrink more.

 They are sanforized. These are my PBJ 012 contest pair for fit comparison. I wanted something with a bit more room and the BOMs feel like they do have that but I am just worried about the waist not stretching out a bit. 


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