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THIS OR THAT? (Use me for all your Should I Buy...? questions)


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apc ns, n&f deep indigo, n&f elephant 2, or 3sixteen st-100x? mind you that I want to get the lowest price possible without sacrificing too much quality. so if, say, 3sixteen is not that much better than the cheaper n&f, I would gladly buy n&f. thanks a lot!

3sixteen is the best value and will serve you best longest-- and it isn't made by slaves or canadians!

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So I've had a pair of nudie slim jims for about... 6 years now? I've had a bunch of jeans in between including iron heart 634s, dior homme 19cm but couldn't really find the jean I wanted... I've retired my 19cm's because I realized it made my short legs look even shorter. I've decided to go back to either the slim jim fit or the apc new standards but, which one will make my legs look longer? The slim jims i have right now are a bit big since I've lost quite a bit of weight since I've had them so if I do get it, i'll size down probably 2 sizes from the size I bought 6 years ago. I know the slim jims are flared a bit and the back pockets are a little lower, and I have no means of trying on a pair of new standards since the few stores that carry apc jeans near my area are out of stock of my size. Any input?

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edit: keep wording this badly. n&f wg vs. flat head collab....

-have tried on N&F WG in 34, fits well, (13oz) breathes well, fades and build quality lacking but 115$ at my door. safe buy. sanforized

-have not touched flathead denim, but same fit as WG, (14.5oz) breathes .....??, excellent fade and build, 330$ at my door. sorta blind buy. UNsanforized, only 34 in stock.

-need it to breathe well, wear all seasons.

215$ difference, wat do.


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question was kind of along those lines, was wondering what people's preferences were.

im working on finishing up my first pair of raw, nudie grim tims, and have a pair of samurai s710xx waiting patiently.

but before picking up the samurai, was thinking of PBJ xx-005.

How does pbj xx-005 and samurai s710xx compare?

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Alright folks. Looking to snag a new slim fitting jean. I love my Momotaro 0701, but I think it's time to add another to my arsenal. I like the weight of the 0701 (15.7oz), but interested in getting something a hair heavier. I'm fairly short - 5'6" about 155lbs. Pretty thick legs though - I had to size up one to a 32 on the 0701 to fit my thighs.

I was thinking either an Ironheart 666od or Beatle Buster; from Flathead I was looking at the F2001; from Strike Gold I was looking at the SG2109 (love the mud weft); and, finally, from Samurai I was looking at the S710XX or the s003jp yamato.

any suggestions?

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hey guys! lemme start by saying that I'm coming up on 2 years on my Eternal 883's I grabbed at a summer research internship in tokyo and I have just friggen loved them. everything about them. i guess the thighs and calves could have been SLIGHTLY larger to account for when i get back to the gym but overall i loved them.

Now, I wanna get a new pair of jeans, straight leg and maybe slim fit i guess, I dont really know the cut i want TBH. I just know I want a 19 or 21oz pair, and wanna budget like $375 on em.

Any recommendations? A friend recommended the samurai S710

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black or natural clx penny loafers? i wear a lot of black--i've even been wearing my black ducks more than my jeans lately. so i feel like black would just go a little better. there aren't many things that look bad with black, but the natural cxl would probably look bad with black, right?

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Hey guys!

I´m just about to cop a new pair of jeans!

I don´t really want to spend to much money and I am looking at these:

Left Field - Nissinbo Greaser Jeans

Imperial - Shearer Jeans

Ande Whall - Caribou

The Real McCoys - Lot 991

I have quite muscular thighs and I need some room in that area. And I also want a slim tapered fit...

What´s the "best" buy? Or what pair of jeans gives me most value?

Thanks alot!


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Yodah, I'd add the Samurai S710xx to that list. I have Flat Head BSPs and love the denim, but I don't think the cut's nearly as good as the 710 (at least on my body.)

yeah i thought about the s710, but was maybe looking for something with a slimmer leg. but considering the love they get, hard not to look at them.





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Samurai s5000vx, Eternal 811, or Warehouse 660? Looking for amazing texture not necessarily heavy weight.

well it depends on what you mean by "amazing texture" -- if you mean very streaky and contrast-y, then yes samurai or eternals. Personally (and i think a lot of people agree with me), "amazing texture" can also mean very crinkly, marble-like and that's exactly what warehouse is awesome for

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