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THIS OR THAT? (Use me for all your Should I Buy...? questions)


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Looking for some blacks for winter. Considering Sams (710s, if 2nd ever restocks, or S5000s), or Imperial Dukes/Shearers. It'd be nice to have some heavier denim for the cold, but I don't feel compelled to spend a ton on these if I don't need to. (These'll also be in rotation with two pairs of indigo.) What's the word on Ande Whall and Naked & Famous black selvedge options?

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LVC 501xx 1947 or LVC 505xx 1967?

ive had both and they fit essentially the same.... the 47 denim has a lot more depth but you really have to wear the shit out of them to get some fading.... the 67 is kaihara denim and sanforized so you know what you get pretty much. I much preferred the 47s, after about 6 months the color is super delicious, it also has a leather patch, and cooler lemon stitching in some areas...

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Depends whether you like Italian (The Strike Gold) or American (Iron Heart) veg. tanned leather :P

I've never actually handled a TSG belt, but the Iron Heart ones are solid.

Which IH belt are you talking about btw?

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