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THIS OR THAT? (Use me for all your Should I Buy...? questions)


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(Copied over from a now-redundant thread.)

I don't know how much mileage I'm going to get out of a "this" vs "that" question, but here goes: I like my jeans pretty skinny, but I'm also a cyclist -- so my thighs are built different and I need some movement to pedal -- so I tend to favor tapered jeans over slim all the way through, and I'm looking to make my first big jump into raw denim after trying some second-hand APCs; the New Standard is too boxy through the leg, I can't pedal well enough in the Petit Standard, and the New Cure doesn't show selvage (what! If I'm going to spring for good stuff, I may as well show it.)

I thought I might get a pair of WeirdGuys, but I've had a slight windfall and I figure I may spring for something a little nicer. The two contenders in a fit I want (basically a fit that resembles the Levi's 511 in my 'real' waist size, which is 30") are Oneculture' s Pulsar slim-tapered, which come out of San Francisco, and slim-straight jeans from Left Field (which seem to be cut really slim to call themselves "slim straight". Both are made in the US (one made local in NYC, where I'm writing from, which is a pro for Left Field), but the service and response I've gotten from Oneculture via e-mail is pretty great, so I guess it comes down to quality. They're both pretty obscure, but I guess that's why you go to the internet forum specifically for obscure brands of high quality jeans.

Here are the pertinents:



Annnd for Left Field, which are carried local by Blue in Green (it would also represent, finally, a chance to pop into Blue In Green, which I've been meaning to do forever)


Any experience anyone has had with either brand would be great to learn of. Any alternate tips wouldn't hurt, either.


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already have a pair of Flat Head 4001's, love the fit, however i need some indigo in my life...

FH 1001's, 3001's or some samurais?

I'd say Samurai. Their denim is so slubby and has so much character. Of course, I've never worn Flathead, only seen and felt it.

BTW, if Sams, what model are you considering?

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Ok, as everyone probably knows already... there is going to be ALOT of collabs, limited, and new releases from from ALOT of lines... in the next 2-3 month. so here is a question for beatle. If I want to limit my spendings to just 5 pairs that's released in the next few month... what should I get?

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