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THIS OR THAT? (Use me for all your Should I Buy...? questions)


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both limited editions, both nice, both quite different


'66 cut-esque

low rise

intersting, experimental denim


'50s cut

high rise

more classical, vintage denim

that's really tough as both are quite different. If you are more into real repros take the Skulls, otherwise take the Samurai

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I have both Warehouse and FC denim and it would be really a tough call for me. Why choose the 1101 though? Is it because not many people own it? Get the 1108 contest pair; absolutely love those.

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no experience with ande whall, but pbj denim is pretty thick. could even be uncomfortable in first couple wks. other than that quality is vry good, plus its LHT.

low shaft boots for winter or high shaft for winter? im a shortie but id like to have my extra inseam rolled over..

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I have an almost brand new pair of LVC 1947's

and a pair of Flathead Ten Yr. Anniversary Edition 5100's in similar condition. Neither pair have any visible fades at all.

Which pair should i turn into shorts? I really really want some dark indigo selvage shorts.


should i sell them? What would be a reasonable price? They are both soaked and measure 31" in the waist.

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