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Top 5 best hip-hop producers and WHY


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1. Pete Rock (without doubt, like double compared to #2) - the best guy, just dig his beats.. they are a perfect blend of everything.

2. Dj Premier - Never lost quality, always banging tight sample composition, only reason he's #2 is that I prefer the instrumental sound and the crisp snare/bassy kick style rock has.

3. Marley Marl - He practically reinvented the genre back in the good, ol' days.

4. Dr. Dre - fantastic beats for such a long time, never lost it.. managed even to stay cool as an commercial artist.

5. All the D.I.T.C. producers, ShowBiz prolly.

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Dr Dre: Timeless, classic hits. I still get chills everytime I hear Nuthin But A G Thang

Timbaland: Great creativity and complicated beats

RZA: Wu-Tang + Kill Bill = the shits!!

K. West: You'll know after you hear Common's Be

Neptunes: B/c they can actually play instruments and aren't afraid to try new things

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went and shot common last night at the jazz cafe for blues and soul magazine and his show was amazing. this year have had the op to shoot the roots, talib, pharoah,wu ( uk reunion), snoop, nas, de la, bep, ludacris, mos, jilly from philly among some heavy soul artists like raphael saadiq, van hunt, and floetry but seriously common's show was the heaviest, and he is not even my fav. artist. that being said here is my list- no particular order

pete rock- history son, mad history.

kanyayo- the new generation, 'he's a soulful dude'

j.dilla- detroit rep. fully!

prince paul- creative beyond, responsible for skits (now overused)

dj premier- dripping pure hip hop, unmistakeable beats.

hon. mention- dre, can't mess with the west when dre doin it.

lil jon- distinctive as fuk.

ok, pharrell (does hugo actually do anything?) - some seriously catchy songs for east and west coast artists which is cool cause he adapts his sound.

madlib- this guy falls into the prince paul category, so much creativity with so many personas.

ok, i am done or else could be here all day.

good thread.

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not sure if this changes anyone's opinion of Pete Rock, but T.R.O.Y. was ghost-produced by Large Professor. (Pete is still pretty ill tho)

SD50's (Stimulated Dummies)

Prince Paul



El-P/RZA (equally skilled in my opinion, but couldn't rightly leave either one off this list)

~multiflavored RodLavers~


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premo - ALWAYS on point! always the first to introduce dj cuts into a track: "who's gonna take the weight", "code of the streets" and "question remainz" are perfect examples. check fat joe - "shit is real" remix, nuff said!

extra p - main source breakin atoms, fakin the funk! and the man can rhyme too!

pete rock - i give props to producers who can cut in addition to manning the boards. pete rock is no exception. "the creator"!!

beatminerz - dirty dirty beats from the early-mid 90s!! spawned the birth of "wet mouths" and all newjack producers. "killin every n***a in sight" beat is my fave.

diamond d/showbiz - basically the entire DITC camp. diamond for stunts blunts, remix of punks jump up. showbiz for runaway slave and for being that next shit around that time.

neptunes - undeniable pop beat bangers.

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dammit, my post timed out... anyhow, here's my list...

1. premo - first to introduce dj style cuts/tricks into tracks: "who's gonna take the weight, code of the streets, and ? remainz" are perfect examples. fat joe - "shit is real" remix!!

2. extra p - man can rhyme in addition to produce. breakin atoms, numerous collabos, and fakin the funk!

3. pete rock - always props to those who can cut as well as man the boards. main ingredient is one of my all time faves.

4. beatminerz - introduced the "wet mouth" in the 90s. dark & dirty beats! "killin every n***a in sight" is so dope.

5. DITC/showbiz - that whole DITC camp, finesse, diamond, showbiz. he was on top during the early 90s with runaway slave. diamond's remix of punks jump up.

6. neptunes - pop bangers

All of the wick wack that wanna be abstract

But they lack the new knack that's comin from way way back

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My list for right now, not necessarily of all time:

1. Rick Rubin- Cause he produced Slayer.

2. DJ Paul and Juicy J- Cause 1000 Three 6 Mafia songs can't be wrong.

3. Mannie Fresh- Ha, Bling Bling, Get Your Roll On, #1 Stunner, not to mention he was producing booty/electro in the 80's.

4. Lil Jon- If he shut his mouth, his beats are siiiiiiiick.

5. Neptunes- Always liked them, can't front.

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T.R.O.Y. was not Ghost produced by Large Pro, Large Pro gave PR the Tom Scott Record and pointed out the sample. Pete Rock made the beat by himself. don't think that counts as ghost producing...

--- Original message by pasey pase on Apr 18, 2005 08:25 AM

don't want to start fucked up rumors over an undeniably classic song, but i was told Large pro gave him the record with the sax looped, already chopped with drums. All Pete did was throw in the 'yeah's and the 'just listen' and the 'for the nineties' shit.

The scenario you're talking about (just giving him the song and pointing out samples) is Large Pro puttin Black Sheep onto it...they would eventually use the same song (Today) for Similak Child.

who knows and since it's my fav. song of all time (tied with Know the Ledge), i don't really care who did it. both extra p and peterock are mad skilled producers. but when i listen to both of their catalogues, it seems to me more of a Large pro beat...but maybe you're right after all.

~multiflavored RodLavers~


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DITC (Illest crew ever)

PREMO (History)

JAY DEE (Slum village, mad lib ect ect)

MC SEARCH ( for putting Nas on , Executive Producer of ILLMATIC)


Why should be obvious on these choices..... Hands down this is Hip hop

Life...I wonder...will it take me under?

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He was 'the best' rapper back then without doubt I think.. I mean, I'm not even that much into most of his music (too wiseguy without being attitude for my taste) but objectively illmatic might very much be the best thing that ever dropped.

But that is for another thread. Back to making lists, peeplz.

Denim Fanatismé.


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As of late Madlib is puting out genius work...

as of the past 15 years...

Definitely Primo, Beatminerz, RZA....Dan the Automator...Large Professor......that is hip-hop of course. Always sick beats. Lots of research and education to find the Perfect Beat. They have def done their homework.

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Too many too many

ALCHEMIST-knuckles draggin down the street grimey

Dre-straight westcoastin'

Premier-no explanation needed

Hank Shocklee and the Bomb Squad-headbangin bumrush bring the noise type shit

Timbo & Neptunes-gonna make ya dance

Rick Rubin-bring me home

Evidence-back to the lab

DITC-gotcha head noddin

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1. DJ Premier

2. RJD2

3. Pete Rock

4. Diamond D

5. Madlib

Honorable Mention: Prince Paul, Ninth Wonder, MF Doom

I compiled this list without reading any of the other posts b/c I didn't want to be influenced...I'm sure I've left out a few....left out Dr. Dre b/c the guy already has mad respect and I'd rather highlight those equally as deserving..

“Isn’t it strange how it’s a fad to bite your idols when the whole reason you liked them is because their shit wasn’t recycled?†- Aesop Rock

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Little Brother is so slept on it's ridiculous...their first album, The Listening, reminded me of Pete Rock and CL's first LP...just classic hip hop at its roots

The production on the Foreign Exchange LP is primarily handled by Nicolay. He's some dutch dude that caught the ear of Phonte, Nic sent them a track over the web, and they put it on their first LP without even actually meeting...the power of the internet

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