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Ok so here's the thing. My frame feels really heavy since its steel not chromoly. I can live with the parts for now, but in time to come I plan on changing the crank, seat and seat post, rims and spokes, and stem.

i'm just wondering in which order should i go. the existing parts i could live with, i thought the biggest change i would feel would be the frame.

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Anyone need some parts? I got some Deep V's (black, machined) laced to formula hubs, I think. I'd have to check.

Got some riser bars, a Ritchey drop bar (oversize), a stem that I think is also Ritchey

MKS Track pedals w some rusty MKS clips, one pedal is missing dustcap.

Got some pretty cheap, light, nice road wheels that haven't seen much riding. I think stock from a Trek or something.

Shimano 105 crankset and some other stuff..

Looking to sell shit for cheap.

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Yeah, Tigerprawn pretty much said it. The SE Draft uses hi-ten steel which isn't great or anything. But you get what you pay for when it comes to steel tubing.

Here's mine


nice. specs?

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anyone have experience going from tube to tubeless? i seriously just got my rear tube replaced two days ago and got another flat already, with armadillo tires too :angry:

or just get a pair of tyre liners (?) probably cheaper than a whole new set of wheels

like this: http://www.bike24.com/p216437.html

i have it equipped and it works perfectly. no punctures/flats since putting it in

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