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top 5 albums you are listening to right now


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im dead tired of cookie monster.

cosign. though leviathan's definitely got it's share of growls; clean vocals don't really show up until blood mountain.


speaking of power metal with clean vocals, i've recently spent some time w/ these:

blind guardian - nightfall in middle earth

the lord weird slough feg - traveller

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Notesee $ Oneman:

www.barefiles.com is the spot to download grime radio sets from all day long. Roll deep, ruff sqwad, ghetto, godsgift, Wiley, old Dizee. Real good site to know about. Guns n roses vol. 1 is good but Volume 2 is all original production, no Heatmakers or none of that. Straight bangers I hear. If either of yall can DL and up that for me it would be much appreciated.

1.Big Noyd-the stick up kid

2.Roll Deep-christmas special 2005

3.Gillian Welch-soul Journey

4.jimjones-Hustlers POME

5.The stuff that dreams are made of -old Mountain music/bluegrass comp of rare 78's

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Good looks on that site Wolves. I'ma try to hunt down a link to that Volume 2 joint.

Edit: I found that Ruff Sqwad Vol 2 on that Oink torrent site, but I can't connect to torrents from my college network. If anyone else here has an Oink account, you can get it from there.

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