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Self Edge, SF/NY/LA/PDX - updates & info

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The Good Art Family Room at Self Edge Los Angeles 
This Saturday, December 22nd, we’ll be holding a launch party for our new Good Art Family Room at SELA from 4pm to 7pm. Both Josh and Rachel from Good Art will be in attendance along with a full line-up of the beautiful things which they make. We’ll be serving beers, nice liquors, and the most impressive line-up of jewelry you’ve ever seen. See you Saturday!

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Mister Freedom G.I. Indigo Henley & 1/8 Takamura Chamarra Trapecio Jackets
This week we have an amazing indigo-dyed long sleeve henley from Good Art and a new black jacket from 1/8 Takamura.
Mister Freedom has delivered to us a detail packed henley, perfect for layering or to wear alone.  These are indigo dyed, come with corozo wood buttons, and have more little details than you'll normally find on a henley.
1/8 Takamura have produced a new all black version of their popular Chamarra Trapecio jackets.  These still have the perfect fit which our clients loved last year and they're finally available in black.
Both of these items are available now.



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Pure Blue Japan Flannel Shirts, Denimish Henley Shirts, & 12oz Summer Jeans
This week we have three hot items from Pure Blue Japan.  
First up is an indigo-dyed check flannel with some very cool brushed mother of pearl YKK snap buttons and a unique "bat" designed back yoke.
Next up we have their Denimish henley.  PBJ have developed a special fabric which looks a bit like denim but is actually a soft jersey.  They've made a long sleeve henley out of this fabric complete with custom indigo-dyed ribbing.
We also have a new jean in PBJ's popular straight tapered fit, this one made of a lightweight 12oz denim.
All three of these items are available now in-store and online.




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On 12/28/2018 at 11:47 AM, kiya said:
We also have a new jean in PBJ's popular straight tapered fit, this one made of a lightweight 12oz denim.

The denim of these looks so great but the taper is just too much in the larger sizes. If this fabric gets released in a slightly fuller leg opening I'll be all over them.

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Studio D'Artisan Aged Loopwheeeled Sweaters, Sashiko Shirts, SD-108 jeans, & More
This week we've got a great delivery of new sweaters, shirts, and jeans from Studio D'Artisan.
They've done a small run of their popular loopwheeled sweaters in hard-washed versions.  These look and feel super nice and come in either "aged" black or indigo.
We also have a new indigo sashiko shirt which comes in a new fit they've been working on, great for those who found the older SDA shirts to be too small or slim.
When we received the SD-108 jean model in the fall we didn't expect to sell out of them within a few weeks.  Our clients loved this jean so much we've done another run just for our stores.  Available again in their 15oz denim and straight tapered fit.
We've also received a full restock of all Suvin Gold cotton loopwheeled sweaters in both heather black and gray.





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Sugar Cane Studded Belts & Jeans!
Sugar Cane has been making some of the nicest belts and jeans coming out of Japan longer than most brands have been around.  Even with them having been around this long we somehow can't manage to keep what they make in stock most of the time.  They've just started producing their studded belts again and we've got a new run of their non-studded belts too.
Along with these belts we've finally gotten in a restock of their 2009 and 2014 jeans, both made of a custom denim that is great for year round wear which looks great worn in.
These four belts and two jeans are available now at all stores.






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Strike Gold Double Indigo Jeans & Loopwheeled Sweaters and Hoodies
Strike Gold have spent the past couple of years working on different variations of a super slub fiber denim.  With this new jean we have a completely new style of denim from them.  They've made an extremely deep indigo rope-dyed yarn and used it for both the warp and weft of the fabric.  This is a 15.5oz unsanforized denim with a deep and dark indigo shade and a little weave variation due to the slub cotton fibers used.  This new jean is available in their straight tapered and slim tapered fits.
Along with these new jeans we have a full restock of Strike Gold's popular line of loopwheeled crewneck sweaters and hoodies, both available now in gray, black, and garment-dyed indigo.







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Nine Lives Shadow Country DMT Shirt & Loopwheeled Tsuriuraki Sweaters
Nine Lives have done a new color of their insane DMT shirt with a beautifully woven fabric, uniquely cut and shaped shoulders, and a great fit.  The fabric on these is quite unique and from what we're told this is the last DMT shirt they're doing.  This is the darkest one of all the colors they've done thus far.
We also have a new run of their loopwheeled tsuriuraki dual-tone crewneck sweaters.  These are soft, built to last, and have a great fit to them.  
All these items are available now at all stores and online.

Shop Nine Lives Online



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Buzz Rickson x Porter Yoshida Backpacks
Buzz Rickson have come together with Japan's famed Porter Yoshida to produce one beautiful backpack.  The materials are provided by Buzz Rickson who have been making some top of the line nylon textiles, custom steel zippers, and clasps for the past thirty years.  The bag has been designed by both companies and assembled by Porter Yoshida in their factory outside Tokyo.  
The bags have all the pockets you will ever need and an inner laptop sleeve.  These are available now at all of our stores and online in black or sage green.



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Flat Head Winter Flannel Workshirts & Wild Child Wallets
Flat Head's Ice Fractal winter flannel workshirts are here.  These are two new colors they've never done before, both are available now at our stores.
Along with these new flannels we've received a fresh restock of the Wild Child wallet in both black and tan versions.





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Fine Creek Leather Trunk Show at Self Edge New York
This Thursday, January 24th, we’ll be holding a trunk show with Fine Creek Leathers at our New York store from noon to 7pm.  They’ll have their entire fall/winter 2019 collection available for pre-order.  
Most of these jackets will only be available during this trunk show and will not be stocked by any retailer in the world.  We’ll have over 20 new jacket styles and the entire Fine Creek crew from Japan will be at the store all day to answer all your leather jacket questions. 
If you cannot make it into our NY store this Thursday you may email us and we'll be able to send you basic information and photos of the collection via email.  All pre-order buys are due February 1st for a fall delivery.  


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Flat Head Animal Face Winter Snap Flannels
Flat Head has just delivered to us their new Animal Face Winter Snap shirts.  These flannels are brushed on the inside, come with real mother of pearl inlay buttons, and are woven on a shuttle loom so the pattern is nearly three dimensional when looking at them up close.  
These are available now in three colors at all of our stores.




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Whitesville x Tailor Toyo Leather & Wool Souvenir/Varsity Jacket
Two of Toyo's finest brands have combined what they do best into one hot jacket. Taking Whitesville's amazing varsity style jackets and combining it with Tailor Toyo's many years of making Japanese souvenir jackets is a brilliant move.
These are limited to only five per retailer, will not be produced again, and are available now at all of our stores.


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I remember I asked about 2 years about carrying Whitesville jackets.  I love how they make theirs look like the varsity jackets we wore back in high school, whether we made varsity or not!

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The Flat Head Delraiser Horsehide Jacket
The Flat Head Delraiser jacket is back! We think this is the ultimate version of this jacket available from any brand. The Shinki semi-aniline finished horsehide, the custom zippers and snaps, the original Flat Head liner, and the toned down look due to the removal of the epaulets and belt make this our favorite leather jacket we’ve carried.
These are only produced once a year due to the extremely limited supply of this particular leather from Shinki. Also, they’re now available up to size 46. 
You can find these available now at our stores and online.


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Roy's Jeans Are Back!
After many years of a Roy drought at Self Edge his jeans are back at our stores.
This new release is a reworked version of his popular R01 model. The fabric on these jeans is a 13.5oz loomstate denim which Roy designed from the ground up. Cone did not have or could not produce the selvedge id thread color so Roy had another company manufacture just the single thread that goes through the selvedge line and had the thread shipped to Cone to use on his denim.
The warp yarns are made of a conventional American cotton while the weft is made of Supima cotton giving the fill threads an off-white cast. Supima is a longer staple cotton so we're thinking it will be less prone to stretching out and knee bagging. The fabric for the pocket bags were also custom designed and produced for this jean. They're an undyed (natural) ring-ring 3x1 twill that is loomstate and will be cut in a way where it shrinks with the jean. The pocket bags are a 10oz 3x1 cotton twill which is 100% ring spun, undyed, and unsanforized.
These jeans come with a vegan patch, freehand embroidered "Roy" and size number on the pocket bag, lined rear and coin pockets, solid copper rivets, mil-spec blackened brass buttons, and come in a straight leg cut with a little taper to the lower leg.
Check the product page for full measurements, a full spec list, more info, and high-res photographs.
These jeans will go on sale at noon (local time) at all Self Edge stores on Friday, February 15th. They will also go on sale at 2pm PST on the same day in our online store.


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3 hours ago, kiya said:


This is an interesting detail.  For hang drying?

Anywhoo, I was planning on picking up my repaired Iron Hearts from SENY tomorrow.  But I really don’t want to walk out the door $400 poorer...  Quite the dilemma.

Edited by owlofminerva

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3 hours ago, owlofminerva said:

This is an interesting detail.  For hang drying?

Anywhoo, I was planning on picking up my repaired Iron Hearts from SENY tomorrow.  But I really don’t want to walk out the door $400 poorer...  Quite the dilemma.

Yup, it's for hang drying!

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Do they have one or two loops? Can’t quite tell based on the photos. 

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@kiya those pics of the new Roy's are awesome. I'd go so far as to say the denim and details look better in the pics than IRL. The color of the denim appears darker, and the threads pop much more. 

I'd love to cop another pair of Roy's, but it's not gonna happen for me this round. :ohmy::blush::sad::mad:

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7 hours ago, Broark said:

Do they have one or two loops? Can’t quite tell based on the photos. 

The "hanging" loops are on both sizes of the jean.

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Ugh, so many great details. Fingers crossed there will still be bigger sizes when I roll through SENY today. Even if they don't work for me I want to check them out.

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hi kiya, has imperial denim halted all production?  their website has been down for ages and i see the selfedge stock becoming slimmer by the minute

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2 hours ago, DoitsuJin said:

hi kiya, has imperial denim halted all production?  their website has been down for ages and i see the selfedge stock becoming slimmer by the minute

Yup, Imperial stopped producing jeans about 3 years ago.

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31 minutes ago, kiya said:

Yup, Imperial stopped producing jeans about 3 years ago.

Thanks for the super fast response sir... that's too bad!

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Buzz Rickson Ventile Water Resistant Sneakers
This week we have a special edition of Buzz Rickson's sneakers.  This new version is made in a high-top design using a water resistant Ventile fabric upper, black anodized steel eyelets, a custom natural rubber sole, and vintage style 100% cotton laces.
These are available now in limited numbers in olive or all black.



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Monitaly Guayabera & Weekend Shirts
We have two new shirts from Monitaly this week from their Spring 2019 collection.  They've done their popular guayabera shirt in a new white color and also a weekend shirt made of a 100% cotton water resistant poplin.  
Both of these shirts are available now at all 5 of our stores and online.



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Introducing Seuvas - All Canvas Everything
We're excited to announce the addition of a new line to our great list of brands by the name of Seuvas.  The name "Seuvas" is a portmanteau of blending what they do, "sewing" and "canvas".  
Seuvas is a brand dedicated to the art of producing canvas of all weights. They own their own canvas looms and factory which produces their canvas exactly to their specifications for the right look and texture. They even cut and sew all the garments in their own workshop in Kurashiki, Japan using vintage sewing machines so that the canvas reacts with just the right amount of puckering at the seams.
The only external branding on their garments is a single hand-made porcelain button made from clay ore (Amakusa pottery stone) mined in Amakusa City, Kimamoto prefecture, Japan. Amakusa pottery stone is a historic pottery stone that is a raw material which has been used in Japanese pottery since the 17th century. These porcelain buttons are designed by Seuvas and made in the traditional way in Amakusa.
Their first collection consists of two types of canvas for a total of 3 different garments.  We have two long sleeve shirts and a coverall jacket.  All three of these items are available now at all stores and online.




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Papa Nui Watch Caps, Iron Heart Pocket Thermals, & 3sixteen Short Sleeve Shirts
This week we have a new Japanese-made watch cap made by Papa Nui, an indestructible long sleeve pocket thermal from Iron Heart, and a great short sleeve shirt from 3sixteen's spring line.
All these items are available now in-store and online.




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    • By Potsnu
      Worn probably 10-12 times, barely any fades. For those who've been around these forums for a long time, they remember how awesome these jeans were when they first came out.
      Retail was $375 USD. Looking for $185 USD OBO.
      Best way to contact me is [email protected]
      Waist: 31.5"
      Inseam: 31.5"
      Thigh: 11"
      Hem: 7.5"

      One of the most popular jeans we've carried since we opened was the first collaboration we did with Dry Bones and Superfuture two years ago. We've decided to expand on the theme of a forum based jean with a bigger project including Styleforum and a 22oz denim that Dry Bones have woven for this jean. 

      The SEXDBXSXS12 jean has been produced by Dry Bones, one of Japan's longest running vintage Americana style denim manufacturers. The jean is made up of a rope-dyed 22oz unsanforized selvedge denim consisting of a combination of Texas & San Joaquin Valley cotton fibers creating a rigid denim that's slightly hairy, but not slubby, because we requested that the denim not be singed and calendered. The indigo dyed yarn has a sulfur top to create a super dark indigo color that crocks fairly easily with normal wear. The jean has heavy-weight hickory striped pocket bags, military grade green rear pocket linings, coin pocket selvedge, cotton poly-core stitch, hidden rivets, and two leather patches. The Superfuture patch was designed by JimmyC of Superfuture and the Styleforum patch was designed by Brian SD, you can easily remove one of the two patches leaving the one you like better. The fit is a slim fit with with a bit of taper and a medium rise, graded to look great in all sizes.

      Superfuture, a website dedicated to the finer points of shopping, traveling, garments, and more was launched in 1999 by Wayne Berkowitz. Hailing from Australia, the website took on a life of it's own within a few years, and five years in was already home to one of the largest databases of information about garments, and to be more specific, denim.
      Superfuture offers the world a frequently updated set of traveling maps, a listing with reviews of over 1000 shops around the world which are "Superfuture Approved", a blog updated with cutting edge events around the world, and a forum called Supertalk which at times overshadows the other services Superfuture offers.

      Styleforum was founded in 2002 in reaction to the poorly run, corporation-owned, men's style discussion forums of the day. Founder Jeremy Jackson and his partner Fok-Yan Leung, who started posting on the forum as a way to procrastinate from writing his doctoral thesis, see Styleforum as a dive bar populated by guys who also happen to really like clothes, often to the point of obsession. A few discussion rooms have been added to the forum since 2002, discussing anything from travel to food, but these are still guys who want to be wearing the best clothes no matter what they are doing.

      This jean is limited to 250 pairs between our three stores, once sold out there will be no restocks.
    • By WTForce
      HI all,
      Im selling a pair of Self Edge x Iron Heart SEXIH22-301S in size 30. The pair was cold soaked when first purchased and worn for about 6 months with one wash. Selling these since my preferences have changed and im not really feeling the heavy denim anymore.
      You can read the description of the collab here http://www.selfedge.com/jeans?product_id=1195
      The jeans have not been hemmed or altered. Can take more accurate measurements upon request.
      Asking for $200 shipped. Accepting reasonable offers.
      Tagged Measurements.
      Size: 30
      Waist: 31.5 in
      Inseam: 38 in
      Thigh: 11.3 in
      Knee: 7.7 in
      Leg Opening: 7.2 in
      Rise: 9.4 in

    • By Markmont
      Up for snags, Stevenson Overall Co. Tencel Jacket Sz. Large
      $330 Shipped
      Condition is easily 9.5/10
      Feel free to ask any questions



    • By philosAvi
      IRON HEART 633s size 32 - imgur link photos taken by a window with natural light. 
      I've been wearing these for close to 2.5 months now. The waist has gotten a bit too big on me and I find that they fade too slowly. They're still more comfortable at 21oz. than most raw denim I've ever worn, though. 
      Whiskers are starting to break through, wallet fade is fairly clearly defined on the back left pocket, and while the comb wrinkles are fairly defined, there's almost no evo on the combs, knees, or thighs. These have so much life left in them that your wear will surely overshadow mine in the long run. 
      At 36" these are ready to be hemmed to your desires. I have not washed them since purchasing them. 
      Measurements (the [iron Heart](http://www.ironheart.co.uk/forum/index.php?topic=2835.0) way):  
      Waist: 17.5" across  
      Front Rise: 10.5"  
      Rear Rise: 15.5"  
      Thigh: 12.5"
      Knee (13" down from crotch seam): 8.75"  
      Leg Opening/Hem: 7.6"  
      Inseam: 36"  
      Asking **$200 OBO**. 
    • By Megatron1505
      SExDBxS09 original Superfuture collab jeans in a size 36x35, great condition apart from a faded circle on the left thigh where the previous owner rested something. Comes with OG red tab in coin pocket ready to stitch on, rep bar on back pocket and patch designed by our own Jimmy Crow.
      Released in 2008, these jeans are rare as hens teeth.
      Waist 18.5"
      Thigh 13 (measured 2" below crotch seam)
      Front rise 10"
      Back rise 14"
      Inseam 35"
      Leg opening 9"
      Asking £90 plus shipping paid by PayPal, plus 4% or gift.

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