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1. general rules
2. posting guidelines
3. infractions and banning
4. contacts about moderation

1. general rules

- threads that are not strictly related to forum topics will either be moved to the according forum or to 'supertrash', or deleted.
- posts & signatures containing obnoxious, derogatory, defamatory, racist, sexist, homophobic, insulting, vulgar, vile and vicious content will be deleted.
- strong personal attacks are not tolerated in any part of the forum.
- all posts containing political or religious comments will be deleted. supertalk has a diverse international membership and any political or religious discussions tend to degenerate quickly so are strictly off limits...
- use simple common sense when posting and don't be a jerk. keep in mind that miscommunication occurs often on internet forums.

2. posting guidelines
new topic -- things to think about before posting...
- has the topic been discussed before? [if an old thread contains much of the information you're looking for, read it and bump it if necessary]
- is the topic relevant to the forum in which you are posting?

good tip: use the search function before posting! if you find no results with superfuture search, try using google search and preface your search query with site:superfuture.com

replying to posts
- does your post add to the discussion?
- is it helpful or necessary for other members to see your post/question?

things to keep in mind: the forum is NOT a chatroom. keep idle chatter and clutter to IM/PM or superchat. excessive chatty comments will be removed...if you have a question about someones post that is specific for you and the other supertalker then it may be better off done by private message.

posting images
- make sure that the image is no more than 640px wide
- check the file size of the image: bigger file sizes are better posted as thumbnails for superusers with slower connections... try not to exceed 300kb file size unless there is a good reason for doing so.

there is a guide on how to post images here -- please read it and familiarize yourself with it...

-no images
-two lines of text
-links are allowed [but only to non commercial websites and supermarket sales threads]
-if a link is to an off site sales thread, a referral code, or a commercial website this needs to be cleared with superfuture first.
-in the case of a link violating the above list the signature will be removed without warning, after repeat offenses the member will be banned without recourse.

for more detailed information about all other aspects of supertalk please check the comprehensive FAQs

thanks and enjoy supertalk!

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3. infractions and banning

infractions are warnings given to users for illicit behaviour, this can include anything that violates the above guidelines. Discussing or complaining about infractions in public is not advisable and will result in posts being removed, if you have a problem, contact the administration.

banning users

infractions include points, gathering up more than 15 points will automatically get a user banned for a month. however, in certain cases it can be seen necessary to ban a user regardless of infraction points, but only in very extreme cases without a warning.

prior behaviour on supertalk, reaction to infranctions and ability to co-operate are taken into account when making a decision on banning.

4. contacting administration

if you have an issue with rules, infractions or other, you can contact moderators through THIS account.

reporting posts

the report function (exlamation mark on the left) can be used to report a rule breaking post to moderators. the report function is not be abused, any funny or pointless reports will result in an infraction.

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