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"Superfuture" mentioned in the JC Report....

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I get the JC Report - this online digest on fashion trends and surpise surprise - they mention "superfuture" ! Though it's only a brief mention, perhaps y'all seen a spike in traffic.

Style Online


At JC Report we cover the trends, but in the case of the online fashion explosion, we're in the center of an entertainment movement. With shows like Sex in the City prescribing personal and individual style as a necessity for everyone, and red carpet coverage and accompanying style reports now a natural part of the fashion landscape, consumers and creative professionals are not relying solely on monthly glossies for suggestions; they're getting their news, and introductions to talent and movements they've never heard about, from online sources. In October 2002 we addressed the key role style.com plays in informing the fashion industry — from what looks to pull for photo shoots to what just happened on the runways of the fashion capitals. Sites like showstudio.com, run by Nick Knight, and hintmag.com are established outlets for talent to show dynamic flash editorials (a true distinction of this medium) and quick access to information that's not overly packaged. The New York Times, The International Herald Tribune, and a handful of other newspapers are seeing quickly posted reviews and articles greedily consumed long before the snail pace of printing presses and mailman deliveries could dispense the news. New entry Fluxuries.com sends out daily morsels of information linking to subjects as varied as foot obsession disorder to a turn-the-tables interview where Miuccia Prada questions Andre Leon Talley. Theblowup.com has earned a cult following for arty profiles and editorials and all sorts of daily fashion snippets and superfuture.com is the site where you can shop all over the world. So when those physical magazines hit the mailbox, get excited to flip through for pretty pictures, but know that you'll already have read the content online.

-James Whitely

Of course with Res magaazine - you get those maps too.....


What's buggin' my ears now :

Telefon Tel Aviv - Map of What is Worthless

Klute - Fear of People

Sidestepper - 3 am : In Beats We Trust

KLF - White Room

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