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So close, yet so far ..! Yeh, the fabric is different too - old Cone versus either SC66 or SC Oki material so it's a bit of a stretch. Thanks for the thought though chaps. 


There's still a stash of '54s left in Japan, but after my lot 44 sizing dilemma I'm loathe to just wing it. 


maybe you've seen it, but the sizing for the 33 is here: http://www.misterfreedom.com/californian-lot.-54.html


i know that the sizing on that chart for the 31 which i have is spot on. 


after shrink and stretch the waist on mine has stayed on the raw measurement 32 inch. doesn't stretch further. the denim is light but tight-woven, not too easy to stretch. 


now to extrapolate on the 34! :D

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Could I get measurements on a pair of MFSC Californian lot 54 in a size 33 and 34 if anyone's wearing them?


Just saw this^


My W34 '54s measure 171/4" across the waist and feel quite generous in the top block.

the hem is 9". I've had them hemmed and can't remember what the inside leg shrunk to.

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/\ Hey thanks, appreciated. A 34 would likely do it based on that. Would that be post wash or with some wear and natural stretch?


I really don't need any more denim but the fact that they are still available.. and the faded samples I've seen .. you know how it is!

That's with some wear and natural stretch. I think they were tigher and are now quite loose and roomy.


I know what you're saying...some things are hard to resist!

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Here's my Lot 64 Ranch Blouse at a recent visit to Machu Picchu with Huayna Picchu in the background.  Unfortunately it gets a little to warm after 8am to keep wearing it. I suppose bringing a denim jacket to South America during the summer was a little bold. 




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hey guys, did that happened to you too?

my awesome light blue chambrey of the sportsman collection, by far the most i paid for a Shirt, fitted me like a glove. i washed it at least (always with luke warm water & no spin, no more than 25 min) 8-10 times and ironed it very gently with slight heat, no shirnkage (after the Initial 3%) at all, then after the last wash (exactly the same way as ever) that bastard shrunk and now it´s a Little to snugg for my liking!

anyone made the same exsperience? i´m pretty bummed, it was my beloved Shirt and paid 279€ for it, it´s still in excellent condition, besides the shrinking.....

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^I can attest to this...Not sure which fabric you had, but mine (I think fabric D? can't remember exactly) was pretty loose but well fitting. After one wash, they SHRANK a ton more than I was expecting but luckily fit just right. If I'd have went with the next size down as I planned to, they never would've fit...Definitely my favorite shirt though!

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thanks aho, the thing is, that initail shrinkage is very common, even after the first 3 washes, but when u ve washed them a couple times, and u didn`t washed it any hotter than before, than shrinkage occurs... that´s irritating

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I wish there was a secret - I have a L NOS Chambray in Black that is a size too big.  I've washed it once on cold but didn't get any shrinkage.  I'm scared to wash it on warm because my machine is crap and last time I washed a pair of jeans on warm I totally demolished one of Roy's patches.


Maybe I should just BST it as is, but I would love for it to fit.

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erase: only Hand wash! my machine has a gentle short 30C circle with no Spinning, otherwise, i wouldn´t machine wash it.

those leather patches cant take +40C and a Long circle

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Something Change on the SUGAR CANE Okinawa fabric of MFSC Denim , 2 months Used !




2014下åŠå¹´åº¦Mister Freedom 推出的新款张Californian Lot 64: Okinawa Issue 使用50%棉質混åˆ50%甘蔗纖維製æˆçš„丹寧布料,繼承了由 SUGAR CANE 開發完æˆçš„Okinawa fabric ç¨æœ‰ç‰¹è‰²



Original Mister Freedom® pattern, inspired by traditional 1950′s era blue jeans with a 1960’s twist. Silhouette inspired by vintage fits and old photos, BRMC meets Beatniks. Traditional mid-rise with straight slightly tapered leg.



“Okinawa 301″, a 14 Oz. left-hand twill indigo denim, white with green line selvedge ID. Milled in Japan on narrow shuttle looms, from a blend of 50% Okinawan recycled sugar cane fibers and 50% cotton.



HBT cotton “Duck Hunter†M1942 reversible camo aka “Frogskinâ€, milled in Japan for Buzz Rickson’s. We were told it accidentally fell off the truck, courtesy of Sgt. Ernie Bilko.

The Californian Lot.64 “Okinawa†are designed and made in Los Angeles, California, by Mister Freedom® in collaboration with Sugar Cane Co, from fabrics loomed in Japan.





















除了é€æ°£ã€èˆ’é©ã€ç¡¬æŒºã€ã€ã€ä»¥å¤–,布料的色è½é€Ÿåº¦ä¹Ÿé —快,並且é¡è‰²æ¥µç‚ºç¨ç‰¹

這件 Californian Lot 64: Okinawa Issue  åœ¨è‡ªå·±ç¶“éŽå…©å€‹æœˆå·¦å³ï¼ˆä¸€é€±å¤§ç´„穿用3~4回),皺摺處與經常摩擦的細部已經明顯能看出色è½çš„變化

















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