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does anyone know when the fall stuff will hit the MF store?


New fall items will start to be released in September.

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Anyone have any experience with the sizing on the MF Trooper Boot ?

They say to size down half a size from normal sneaker size which is US 9 for me .

I wear a US 8 in redwings wondering if they are a similar size.

My visvim 73 folks are US 8 but i need a US 9 in Virgils as they are a little narrow.

Thanks for the help !

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So excited about this, Christophe nailed every element of this shirt.









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I'm really interested in this shirt, I really like the olive stitching.

I'm assuming size up to take shrinkage into consideration?

Also does anyone know what the buttons made out of?


I think the dark olive colored stitching is perfect on this shirt.  It really comes alive once you've soaked the fabric, you can tell why the construction thread is all olive once the shirt has dried.

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Picked this up from Rivet & Hide yesterday

Mister Freedom Okinawa CPO Shirt - 11oz LHT Sugar Cane/Cotton Lot 64.

Tag size: Large


Chest: 22"
Shoulder: 18.75"
Sleeve (Pit-Cuff): 22.25"
Sleeve (Shoulder-Cuff): 26"
Length (Top Collar-Hem): 32.75"
Waist (Seam-Seam at Gusset): 22.5"

Just had 30 minute Luke warm water soak with light agitation.

Some detail shots; (iPhone)








Collar Peak and Button Detail:



Fit pictures when it's dried (maybe after 2nd soak)

This shirt covered a number of 'Wants' for me all at once:
Left Hand Twill, A Sugar Cane (made) fabric, A 50/50 Cotton/Sugar Cane fibre, CPO model & designed by Mister Freedom.

It's currently drying. Will  give it a second soak depending on sizing.
The smell of it is unique - Sweet sugary cane smell, even stronger when it's wet. Lovely.

The fabric is incredible. A heavy, neppy, rigid grey/blue/ black. Hard to capture the colour properly as it changes in the light.
Olive stitching is quite subtle but pops when you see it up close. Will brighten up as the fabric lightens I hope.

The thickness of the fabric at the elbow pads and yoke etc is something else.

I'm really happy with it, looking forward to breaking it in over this winter.

I imagine that this might become something of a Mister Freedom classic like the liberty CPO did. Not many of them in Raw as far as I know. Think 'Hens-teeth'.

It has actually measured up to my expectations, unlike some clothing which I become over excited about and then feel slightly let down when I have them in hand.

Get one whilst you can people. It won't disappoint you.


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Thanks Bradl & Lance,

I noted in the Rivet & Hide thread that I tried on the tag Size Medium in store and it fit perfectly.

So the thinking is that the tagged Large will come down to a a fairly standard true medium.

It migh need another soak to get all the shrink out but I wanted to gauge it for size instead of just going all in straight off the Bat.

Seriously though Bradl... Get one. Now.

Theres only a few Raw kicking about.

I wouldn't have said I 'needed' another denim shirt, As I have a couple already. However, none have these features, fabric, detailing etc.

It's a classic as far as I'm concerned.

I am now officially n MF convert - An expensive can of worms to have just opened.

Well worth it though ;)

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I can't tell just yet Edmond as it's still wet but I think you'd need a XL - which I don't exists.

Edit: - there is an XL and XXL.

Or wear this during a soak to get 22". My estimate is around 20.5 or 21".

A large would still be good for length and arms on you I'm sure.

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Those pictures look great UkeNo, I'm really tempted by this shirt.

I've got the Appaloosa as well, which I've hardly worn yet since it's still hot, so I know I don't need a denim shirt.

But this one looks unique indeed.

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I think the fact that we are here discussing these things negates 'need' from the equation automatically ;)

Just get it. You'll be glad you did. 

I sound like some kind of MF-CPO pusher at this point, but really I just want other people to see what this shirt is like for themselves. 




I've been thinking about why this shirt is different to my others. I think on the face of it its the clean lines and symetry which stands out. Some MF shirts have curved pockets and other denim shirts are often western or Work shirts with curves and differing pocket details etc. The CPO isn't the same in that regard. The lines and features are all strong and simple which I like a lot.

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I have some major sweet talking to do, as I will be moving cities soon. But if I run into extra cash I won't hesitate.

Till then I will live vicariously through you, so post some post soak pics up when they're dry.

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I jumped on one of few that selfedge had. This is going to be a grail for sure. I  sized up a bit to get a more traditional CPO fit, we'll have to see when it arrives. 


UkeNo, get those fit pics up when you've got a bit, looking forward to the fit and sizing post-soak. 

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Upon further inspection, this looks like a very very very nice shirt.....but that price range... :(


You know.. the original CPO shirt which came out six years ago was only $3 less. 

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