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WAYWT 2023 [denim edition]


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Lazy Memorial Day Off

Extra special thanks to those who served due to the poverty draft. 

Cheap hat with vintage jeweled belt

Thrashed Mickey tee

Vintage belt 

Post '87 501 STF USA

Cowboy boots





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1 hour ago, cultpop 0217 said:

5EP x StyleForum jean (2007)

A slim straight cut (with just a bit too low of a front rise)  and lots of neat details (hidden rivets, tonal fly, hidden back pocket design, natural patch and stray red threads) but the real attraction is the fabric. 

Hand dyed 13.5 oz Zimbabwean cotton  with a mix of synthetic and natural indigo by Christine "Godmother of Denim" Rucci and rope dying master Sakamoto in Kojima, the color is just spectacular. Green, purple, or red cast indigo  depending on the light with dark inky pools contrasting with turquoise highlights, and a slightly ecru weft. Might be my all time favorite denim. The photos do little justice.

Great denim

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Camera is acting up so I'm going back to a chilly day in April that I never posted. 

Denim Fisherman's cap

Vintage Levi's Trucker

Vintage vest

Future Monsters rib cage tee

Vintage belt and buckle

Levis M&C 501 

Rag and Bone 








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