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Can't see anything like this but thought it might be a nice idea. Will delete if this is against the rules or unwelcome though.

Thought a thread where people could post bargains they had seen that weren't their size might be good. I am UK based so maybe a separate US thread?

Usual rules are no posting your own items, no posting ebay auctions unless it's B.I.N.

To kick things off:

1947 501s in 30/32/34/36 for £90


Various other models at slightly higher prices too.


Lee 101 relaxed selvage in 30/32/34 for £70


Lee 50s denim shirt in S/M/L/XL for £65


Lee 101-z 21oz in 30/32/34/36 £100


Lee 101 50s rider jeans in 30/32/36 for £85


Dubbleware navy herringbone Avignon jeans in 36 for £60


Dubbleware black and white striped carpenter in 34/36/38 for £60




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