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Duke Mantee

Colimbo / Hinson

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There’s been a little bit on interest in this brand in the Unknown Japanese Brands topic so I thought it maybe it’s worth opening a thread specifically for the brand - they have been going for quite a few years and, at least from my own experience, make some really nice clothes.

There seems to 2 main brands

1. Colimbo- which concentrates on the clothing side; a wide variety of influences inc. military, hunting and workwear through the last century 

2. Hinson - which concentrates on accessories; small leather good and bags (totes, tool bags etc.) made canvas and/or leather

The official website is here

And their Instagram account is here

A lot of the familiar Japanese retailers stock Colimbo - the dealer list is on the website, and perhaps a few folk might be comforted to know some of their stuff in made by the same factory that makes some of Freewheelers stuff …

And a few of their products:













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That deck parka is something special 

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It was a really nice piece - the outer shell is/was much softer than the FW or RMC equivalents … and the hood was actually comfortable and useful. These seem to sell out really fast when they’re issued.

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Thanks for starting this thread Duke, I've started to develop a soft spot for Colimbo over the last few seasons.
I was wondering why there always seems to be a correlation between FW retailers and Colimbo, makes sense given the above information.
Is there also some connection to Rainbow Country leather jackets?
So far I only have a cotton flannel CPO that I really enjoy wearing, but I might add an outerwear item or two this fall.
Definitely intend to buy this blanket linked denim jacket, and I like this Barbour inspired coat as well.
This Hinson bag is nice, but I don't really have any need for a bag currently.

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@Broark Connections only insofar as many different brands share factories for production. I’m sure Rainbow Country leathers are made in the same factory as FW leathers.

Be careful though - two brands being made in the same location doesn’t mean the same quality. I’ve spoken to the factory owner that does Colimbo / FW / ANOther and he’s very clear about the differences - fabric choices, patterns, even not being allowed to use his own stock threads etc. create quite different garments.

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@Duke Mantee totally get that, see this a lot in my line of work.
Just because something is made in the same factory doesn't always mean the same standards/expectations are held by each contracting party.
I always drew connections to the brands (mainly FW and Colimbo) since they have a similar ethos/approach to what they make.
What I like is that both brands put their own spin on everything they do. Not ever really meant to be a straight vintage reproduction.

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