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I was thinking I might need to pick up a pair of those 25th Anniversary pairs, but then I saw this - I had no idea they were a thing. Damn. 

Should get both. 

I have a solution, you order both, but you can send the evisu here and live vicariously through me. But seriously, if I had $$$ I would get both.

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Thanks mate, I'm very fond of them, of course there's sentimental reasons too with them being my first pair of selvedge, and my first Japanese pair. 


I'm in half a mind whether to stitch the seam back, or patch from inside or out - I do suspect that if I stitch the seam it'll eventually happen again, whereas if I patch them it'd reinforce. 


It happened yesterday while going to sit on the floor. Riiiiippppp!!!

I take it these are the ones you wore freeballing? That's another reason to be sentimental about them.... I'd have the seam stitched back with strong yarn, an outside patch will not look good, an inside one possibly feel less than pleasant when wearing them tight on the bare skin.

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Good work Hog! Do you fit them again?


@Mr_Bielby: how tightly wrapped was you vacuum bag before you opened the 25th anniversary pair? And does you pair have a chainstitch run-off at the waistband like it was advertized? Mine doesn't have it and the bag was quite loose

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I'm tempted but I'll probably hold off for a little bit, seeing as I've been wearing my Roys pretty exclusively.

The cut and fabric both look really great, and I love the Warehouse-esque patch too.

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And done.


Denime 25th Size 34. After 2 warm soaks and approx 1 week of wear



Waist: 36"

Front rise: 11"

Back rise: 15,125"

Thigh: 12,9"

Knee: 9,4"

Leg opening: 7,25"

Inseam: 34,75"

Jesus, that waist to hem ratio is crazy!

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Picked up the 66 of the old era to complete my collection of the Osaka 5.

Been visiting the auction page for sometime, really thankful I found this pair in pretty good condition.



First thing that really caught my eyes is the "stubby" rivets used, nice & rounded.


rivets silver back (zinc?)



Pretty solid, thick bar-tack backpocket.





Orange-lemony Selvage line



Crackling paper-patch.

Not really fond of paper patch but it would not be a proper 66 repro without it.



Last but not least, the fabric itself, smooth at first touch but the texture comes alive as you move your hand across the fabric, really nice!

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Obligatory fitpic to go along....


ixEvYe4Hu0mhS.JPG ibxGXZ4r5EauXL.JPG




Quite sure this pair gone through initial wash/soak, might just give it another hot soak when I get around to wearing it.


Cheers! :)

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