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Handmade Cotton+Viscose Base T-Shirt

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Handmade Cotton+Viscose Base T-Shirt

Only TWO items in stock.

Crafted from a soft, delicate and almost transparent korean fabric: 98% cotton, 2% viscose. Density 90 g/m². 
Common base layer's cuts under dark fashion terms: long & straight fit, raw edges. 
Great for layering or using as morning shirt for your GF. ^__^ 
Hand wash or gently machine wash cold.

p2p — 48 cm 
back length — 78 cm 
sleeves — 19 cm 
note: fabric is very stretchy so it may fits different sizes. 
Body measurements at photos: 176 cm tall, 71 kilos weight, chest 103 cm, waist 98 cm).

Handcrafted in St.Petersburg, Russia.
Gently wrapped into zip lock bags. 
Have no any labels and tags inside or outside.

Shipping: $10 to EU, $15 to US/Canada.

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