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Unbranded brand denim store gift code $110

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Sorry, I couldn't find the classified section for this. Let me know if it should be moved. Would anybody be interested in taking this $110 unbranded brand gift code off my hands? Long story, but I already have a pair of UB denim and after a series of returns ended up with this gift code anyway. Would like to use it to buy a different brand. Anyone interested in it? Would be willing to give it away for less than face value.

Here's your $110 USD gift card for The Unbranded Brand!_Redacted.jpg

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On 11/14/2018 at 3:58 PM, UkeNo said:

NEG'D - Use eBay or Grailed like everyone else

you said ebay only before. i don't like ebay, they're theives. i don't know what grail is but i'll check it out. thanks for at least providing some sort of help at least, but the toddler level finger pointing going on with this rating system is a bit over the top...

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6 minutes ago, vilago said:

yeah well expectation begets reality, especially for you apparently. one can only dream of ever being as clever as i'm sure you are.

Well I mean I can at least figure out where the classifieds are.

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