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Self Edge denim repair / darning... issue, plz help?

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Hi all, had a question for Kiya / folks in general.  First, lemme say that I've been a customer of Self Edge for years and love you guys, and still adore the SF + Al's Attire shirt I got there in 2010.  :)  

Here's my question / concern:  I have two pairs of 45rpm Sorahikos that I've worn and loved for years, and which developed holes in the knees.  Since I live in San Fran, I took them to Self Edge for their well-regarded denim repair service.  SF did a nice job with both jeans, really working over the holes with a LOT of darning. 

The problem is that the darned sections are now so 'dense' and stiff with new material that the stress and strain of wearing the jeans is now transferring away from the repaired sections, and to the edges of the unrepaired denim.  That strain is evident, as the threads around the edges are starting to wear out and unravel.  If I continue wearing these repaired jeans, the threads all around the repaired bits are going to unravel, and the entire patched portions are simply going to 'fall off', leaving huge holes.

I don't think this would happen if the darned portions were more flexible, but since they're so stiff and rigid, its kind of a challenge because the whole jean doesn't really move and flex in a natural way anymore.  Is there a way to UN-darn the repaired sections, or make the patched areas a lot more flexible somehow?  As it stands, I'm scared to wear my beloved old Sorahikos.    

Any advice would be appreciated! 

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