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Wrangler 11MJ double-pleated jacket, UK, medium (42" chest)classified

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Wrangler 11MJ double-pleated jacket, UK, medium (42" chest)

Wrangler UK 11MJ, used.

This is a very well made jacket. Nice solid 100% cotton denim, tastefully factory aged, with what looks like some real wear stacked on top of it as well. I would call it excellent condition pre-faded, as in it *looks* very broken in, but it has the structural integrity of an excellent condition jacket.

Tag says M, which I am assuming means men's medium. The jacket measures 21" pit to pit (42" chest). These jackets don't do well worn tightly, due to the elastic-sprung shoulder panels. I would recommend this as a relaxed-fit jacket for someone with a size 38 measured chest, or *maybe* up to 40". I have a 42" measured chest, and I cause the shoulder panels to flare a bit, even with my arms at my side.

I bought this for my sister-in-law, but the purchase was based on bunk measurements from an English E-Bay seller (seller stated 36" chest measurement). Unfortunately it's about a size too small for me. It wasn't worth it to send it back overseas, so I decided I'd just re-sell it.

The shoulder panel elastic has lost some of its spring, but it is not blown out. It's probably fine as is, but if you wanted to fix it, my approach would be to leave the original elastic bands in place, and just sew new elastic bands directly to the original bands. It'd increase the springiness without having to rip out any original seams, and it would let you return the jacket to original if ever needed. Alternately, you could just defeat the spring feature entirely by simply tacking the shoulder panels closed (also reversible). If this is a make-or-break issue for a sale, I can do this work for you at no cost before shipping the jacket.

Asking $100 plus actual shipping and packing costs.


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